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PAOK in European Competitions (General news, Rankings)

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Now we need just 6 points to qualify either by earning them ourselves or Pana losing them, it is time to post the calendar for the Conference League 2021/2022 where we start in Q2 if we qualify:

June 16: Second qualifying round draw
July 19: Third qualifying round draw
July 22/29: Second qualifying round

August 2: Play-off round draw
August 5/12: Third qualifying round
August 19/26: Play-offs
August 26: Group stage draw

September 16: Group stage, Matchday 1

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We have qualified for Europe already. AEK and Panathinaikos still have to face each other. If both win all the other matches, we lose all games and Pana does not win this tie we are qualified as Pana now can only equal our points (and win hth). If Pana wins AEK would lose the 3 way tiebreaker vs PAOK and Pana (all 61 points but worst head to head to head as they did not win a single match), so PAOK is qualified.

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