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PAOK in European Competitions (General news, Rankings)

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The Netherlands is hit by “Ciara”. So no football for me and better to stay in your house. My wife and I started to sort our photo’s and other stuff. Saw this ticket. First time my wife went to PAOK (

I remember that match vividly. I was only 10 years old at the time and watched it on tv in Athens. When Stefanos Borbokis (my dad's 1st cousin) scored the winner late in the game I went absolutely cra

It all went downhill after he got married.....coincidence?  Year                    Team      Goals 2012-2013         PAOK        14 2013-2014         PAOK        10 2014-2015     

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as much as people talk about PAOK using the new year to rebuild and to forget Europe etc, we need to not loose site of the fact we have a good standing in Europe and that needs to be defended.

Would be a waste to undo the good work we have done in Europe over the past few years.

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Not qualifying for the group stage would be a huge disappointment.  I'm expecting our boys to make it, and to give us a few heart attacks along the way. :)

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We definitively need to do good in Europe this season. At a minimum reach the group stage of Europa League.


The 53rd place rankings are thanks to the points we accumulated in the last 5 years of the European participation:


2010-2011:  10.520 points

2011-2012:  11.520

2012-2013:    2.380  (thank you Donis - NOT)

2013-2014:  10.220

2014-2015:    6.240


TOTAL:        40.880


Next season we will lose the 10.,52 points from the 2010-11 season, so it will be very important to do well this season, so we don't fall behind. If we reach the group stage and get as many wins as possible, we should be able to get close to 10.000 points.

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We will start the 2015/2016 season on the 55th spot in the ranking.


UEFA EL points system

First qualifying round elimination - 0.25 points

Second qualifying round elimination - 0.5 points

Third qualifying round elimination - 1 point

Play-off elimination 1.5 points

Group Stage win - 2 points

Group stage draw - 1 point


Thus, we need to reach the GS and then to win 3 games and draw two times at least to get those points and in the mean time we will qualify for the next round.


We also get 20% of the association coefficient over the last five years. As Gavros en Asteras have reached the GS (4 points awarded in CL) Greece will have 6 points for sure. Devided by 5 (Greek participants) x 20% = 0.24 points for every Greek team participating but also the teams not participating this years but in future years to come.  

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PAOK has a new record from today.

The 6-0 win over Lokomotiva is the biggest home-win ever.

Our old record was 6-1 against Dinamo Minsk (2014) and Marila Pribram (2001).

Hope we can write some new history and records this year.

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Somehow I feel if Klaus wasn't injured, he would have had a great chance to match his hat trick vs Dinamo Minsk last year. I'll still take this, though

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A nice "reference book" of our history in Europe:


This is up and till 2013/2014. Elswhere on the site of UEFA it is updated till now. Than you can see Salpi has most appereances (60 2014/2015 season included; 61 the first match against Lokomotiva included) and Klaus is our alltime topscorer with 17 goals.

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So in other words if he had been subbed in one more time, he'd be tied for first.

His other mention - as Klaus is higher in our records, does that mean qualifiers don't count? Or did Klaus score in a CL qualifier? I'm drawing a blank here.

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he's in first by quite some margin (nine matches) if you include games from the days the competition was called UEFA cup. he is also in second place for goals scored if you include UEFA cup matches, though these stats are all strictly for group stage games.

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We can use every point we can get, because starting next season we are losing the 11.520 points from the 2011-12 season. Then it will take additional season to erase the 2.380 points from the 2012-13 Donis fiasco.

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PAOK started this season on spot 60.

And after the sure points we get for at least reaching Q4 of EL we have already collected 1.500 points this season.

Leaving us on spot 61 as Besiktas got 4 bonuspoints for reaching the GS of CL just because of being Turkish champions and Turkey being in the top 12 country ranking.

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