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  • 3 weeks later...

The sad part is that none of them will start. Poyet even called up Tzavellas even though last time Tzavellas said he was done with the NT. Who do you think will start, Tzavellas or Koulierakis?

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I honestly think he won't start either. Mavropanos/Chatzidiakos has been Poyet's preferred CB pairing while he's been at the helm. The only question mark is Chatzidiakos as he hasn't played for around 2 months. I dare say Retsos will start before either Kouilerakis/Tzavellas gets a run. 

I do agree though, the Tzavellas saga is strange. They are hell bent on carrying him to Euro 2024 but I thought he would go along as a part of the coaching staff. 

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PAOK players international duties this coming week:


GREECE – Koulierakis, Konstantelias
21.03.2024 21:45 EET:  Greece – Kazakhstan  (Nations league – Playoffs - Semifinal)
26.03.2024 TBD EET:  Greece - TBD  (Nations league – Playoffs - Final)

SERBIA - Zivkovic A.
21.03.2024 19:00 EET:  Russia - Serbia   (Friendly Game)
26.03.2024 19:00 EET:  Cyprus - Serbia  (Friendly Game)

BULGARIA - Despodov
22.03.2024 15:00 EET:  Bulgaria – Tanzania  (Friendly Game)
25.03.2024 16:00 EET:  Azerbaijan - Bulgaria  (Friendly Game)

CROATIA - Kotarski
23.03.2024 22:00 EET:  Croatia – Tunisia  (Friendly Game)
25.03.2024 16:00 EET:  Croatia – TBA  (Friendly Game)


GREECE U21 - Panagiotou, Darelas, Tzimas, Balomenos
22.03.2024 13:30 EET:  Belarus - Greece (EURO 2025 Qualifying)
26.03.2023 16:00 EET:  Greece – Andora (EURO 2025 Qualifying)

GEORGIA U21 - Gordeziani
22.03.2024 19:30 EET:  Turkey - Georgia (Friendly Game)
26.03.2023 15:00 EET:  Gibraltar - Georgia (EURO 2025 Qualifying)

ESTONIA U21 - Sapovalov
21.03.2024 TBA EET:  Estonia - Kyrgyzstan (Friendly Game)
24.03.2023 TBA EET:  Estonia - Kyrgyzstan (Friendly Game)

ALBANIA U21 - Selimai
22.03.2024 18:00 EET:  Albania - Finland (EURO 2025 Qualifying)
26.03.2023 18:00 EET:  Albania – Switzerland (EURO 2025 Qualifying)

GREECE U19 – Nikolakoulis, Filon, Goumas, Deligiannis, Pasachidis, Gitersos
20.03.2024  20:00 EET:  Greece - Portugal  (U19 Euro Qualifying) 
23.03.2024  17:00 EET:  Greece - Denmark  (U19 Euro Qualifying) 
26.03.2024  16:00 EET:  Greece – Serbia  (U19 Euro Qualifying) 

 POLAND U17 - Snauczner
21.03.2023 TBA EET:  Cyprus - Poland  (Friendly Game)
24.03.2023 TBA EET:  Cyprus - Poland  (Friendly Game)

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Greek U19 lost to Portugal 2:1, with Varela's son Gustavo and ex-PAOK academy player scoring the winning goal for Portugal in the 90th minute. Goumas and Pasachidis from PAOK started the game. Fionand Deligianidis were subbed in the 2nd half.

Andrija Zivkovic started in the Russia - Serbia game. The game is in progress and the Serbians are playing with 10 due to red card. Russia is leading 2:0.

Koulierakis will miss today's game against Kazakhstan due to injury, which does not appear to be serious.

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Despodov scorer of the sole goal of the match against Tanzania (without Samatta) with a freekick. Bulgaria not playing in the usual white shirt but a yellow one while Tanzania played in a dark outfit. What is this nonsense?!?! Germany changing to Nike, England with their flag in other colours...... Perhaps I'm too old fashioned 

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