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Well deserved call for Koulierakis. He has been a pleasant surprise replacing the injured Michailidis on the PAOK squad. as it is Both Koulierakis and Michailidis is a better choice on the NT in place of Tzavellas.

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PAOK players international duties this coming week:

GREECE - Koulierakis
24.09.2022 21:45 EET:  Cyprus - Greece  (UEFA Nations League)
27.09.2022 21:45 EEST:  Greece - Northern Ireland (UEFA Nations League)

24.09.2022 21:45 EEST: Slovenia - Norway  (UEFA Nations League)
27.09.2022 21:45 EEST:  Sweden - Slovenia  (UEFA Nations League)

SERBIA - Zivkovic A.
24.09.2022 21:45 EEST: Serbia - Sweden  (UEFA Nations League)
27.09.2022 21:45 EEST:  Norway - Serbia  (UEFA Nations League)

SURINAM - Biseswar
22.09.2022 21:00 EEST:  Surinam - Nicaragua (Friendly Game) (in Holland)
26.09.2022 TBA EEST:  Surinam - Zwolle (Friendly Game) (in Holland)

23.09.2022 TBA EEST:  Burkina Faso - Congo DR (Friendly Game)

GREECE U21 - Konstantelias, Panagiotou, Balomenos, Kountedakis, Darelas
23.09.2022 TBA EEST:  Poland - Greece (Friendly Game)           

PORUGAL U21 - Dantas
24.09.2022 TBA EEST:  Portugal - Georgia (Friendly Game)      

CROATIA U21 - Kotarski   
23.09.2022 19:00 EEST: Croatia - Denmark (EURO Playoffs)      

27.09.2022 19:00 EEST:  Denmark - Croatia (EURO Playoffs)  

GREECE U19 - Monastirlis, Filon, Tsikos, Kottas, georgiadis, Goumas, Smyrlis, Spyrakos, Tasiouras

21.09.2022 19;30 EEST:  Greece - Switzerland (Euro U19 Qualifying - in Switzerland) 
24.09.2022 15:00 EEST:   Greece - Andora (Euro U19 Qualifying - in Switzerland) 
27.09.2022 19:30 EEST:   Greece - Czechia (Euro U19 Qualifying - in Switzerland) 

POLAND U17 - Snauczner
Friendly tournament to be played in Poland.

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Yeah good news about Koulierakis.  It's good to see talent from the youth coming through.  It would be a damned waste if the youth team that has been smashing the league couldn't produce some first team players.

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Hot take: the only reason he got called up is because we are already guaranteed to win the group and make it to the play offs for Euro 2024 participation. No risk in doing random things with our lineups.

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The main reason he got called up is because of that idiot Tzavellas and his stupidity. Hopefully this will be Tzavellas's end in the NT, which will open the door for Michailidis and Koulierakis wide open.

In other news, in today's EURO U19 qualifying game against Switzerland the Greek NT has started with 7 PAOK players, 1 PAOK player that is on loan and only 3 players from other teams. 

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Well, yeah, he got called up because of Tzavellas not being available. I still think if there was any doubt as to how this group would end, that he'd be kept at arms' length from the team. However, this is now a great time for experimentation, etc etc

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All 5 PAOK players in the U21 played in the friendly in Poland. Panagiotou played the whole game. Greece won 1:0

Also yesterday Oedraogo stayed on the bench in the DC Congo - Burkana Faco 1:0 game.

Kurtic played the whole game in Slovenia - Norway 2:1

Zivkovic is starting in the Serbia - Sweden game.

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Zivkovic played the first half and grabbed an assist in Serbia's come from behind win. I've noticed that a bit with him and the Serbian NT, he plays the 1st half and is then subbed off. It's happened too often for it to be due to form, clearly some sort tactical plan the Serbian coach thinks works. 

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Have 'im run like a dog and then let him take a breather!

I remember Henrique saying that Lucescu's instruction to him in that cup final where he scored the winning goal was very simple: RUN, RUN, RUN

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