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Turkish Violations

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There is going to be some kind of incident at this rate. The questions is what will it lead to... how far are the Turks willing to go? And how much will Tsipra rise to the occasion? 

Its going to be a tense, tense future in store and it may cost lives. 

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I sense that Erdogan will become more aggressive if he wins the referendum for expanded presidential powers, and in addition the increasing friction between Europe and Turkey will make him more nationalistic since it's not in the cards Turkey will join the EU any time soon.

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I couldn't find an actual topic of Turkey, but I have learned today that Recep Tayyip Erdogan now has full executive power after the Turkish voters vote YES 51.4% to NO 48.6%. This will hurt Turkey's democracy in a major way. 

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Thanks for the heads up.  I didn’t know about this.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  After all, Erdogan had the balls to shoot done a Russian fighter jet in Syria.  If he’s not afraid of Putin I doubt Tsipras will have him quaking in his boots.

Still, trying to look at this objectively, it sounds like it’s just a case of Erdogan doing his sums and calculating that this will make him look tough domestically and at the same time figuring that the probability of Greece retaliating is virtually nil.

I don’t know much about Erdogan but he does seem to be shrewd.  At least in so far as knowing how far to push without being pushed back and at the same time coming out looking like a tough guy to his people.

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    • By athinaios
      I don't see a topic devoted to this election, which takes place today... actually the first polling places are just opening now.
      So, what do you think of the result--which if polls are correct--a new government (or a winning party) will emerge soon after voting ends later tonight.
      As an ex-pat, I can't vote tomorrow since I'm not traveling to Greece and to the edge (near Galatsi and Perisso) of the city of Athens to cast a ballot. I confess that it wouldn't be an easy vote. I've been reading Nikos Dimou [or if you prefer, link in English] since I was a teenager, many decades ago. I also had the pleasure to exchange many thoughts, over a long time, with him and a bunch of other interesting people over a decade ago.
      Anyway, this is what he wrote in the last few days about the elections:
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      Since the old Macedonia topic has disappeared I started this topic to continue the discussion on the subject.
    • Guest PastMember
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      Inexplicable decision
      Online government portal Diavgeia turned out to be one of the most important reforms carried out in Greece over the last few years. A decision by today?s leftist-led coalition government to dismantle the transparency initiative program was based on absolutely unfounded excuses and represents a major setback. The government portal allowed citizens to have access to decisions regarding state recruitments and procurements, the expenditure of public organizations and other interesting information.
      In the absence of Diavgeia, what is more than certain is that the corrupt and the wasteful will once more be able to hide behind a veil of nontransparency. The removal of the transparency portal was no doubt an incomprehensible decision on the part of the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks administration.
    • By athinaios
      I think one of the foundations of a modern, enlightened, and successful society is the educational system. Unfortunately, this is one of the many institutions that has been in crisis. Even the various governments don't know what to make of it other than proceed with big reforms only to be undone by the next government.
      What are your thoughts?
      I will write more, but I'm sure you have lots to say about this topic, so fire on....
    • By Greekaroos
      No such thing as friendly between Greece & Turkey.
    • By gyros
      Well we can post in here if Greece will be using Euros, bitcoin, Rubles, or Feta as the currency next month.
    • Guest PastMember
      By Guest PastMember
      Turkey warns Germany against recognising Armenian Genocide
      By Paul Antonopoulos - 01/06/2016

       Turkey?s President Erdogan warned Germany that its plans to recognise the Armenian Genocide would damage bilateral ties. This comes despite German Chancellor Angela Merkel being an advent supporter of Turkey?s accession into the European Union. Erdogan claimed that Germany was being deceived without mentioning who by. ?If Germany is to be deceived by this, then bilateral diplomatic, economic, trade, political, and military ties ? we are both NATO countries ? will be damaged,? he said. The Greens Party have pushed for the resolution to occur and it is expected that it will be passed on Thursday. Ottoman forces began in 1915 to slaughter 1.5 million Armenians, a million Greeks and 700,000 Assyrians. The vote was to take place last year on the 100th anniversary verses of the beginning of the genocide but Merkel?s parliamentary allies, wanting to avoid tensions with Turkey, kept pushing it back.

      https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/turkey-warns-germany-armenian-genocide-recognition/ | Al-Masdar News
    • By Koro
      Greece appears to be improving relations with Russia. What are your guys thoughts on this?
      I think this has its positives, but it also could have negative implications. Personally its anyone but the Germans at the moment. Perhaps Greece's fear of pissing off USA/NATO could stop this from developing.
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