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essien is on the way out according to the papers ,what a debacle ,that was is anyone accountable at our club?

honestly Greekaus, Accor6,Freezer,Lamiara ole and myself could do a much better job than the clowns running things now.


Greekaus would be president with board members cocksta and giourkas.


Accor6 would be in charge of thyra 13,fund raising and public relations his assistant would be Pana97


Freezer would be in charge of the medical dept,making sure we don't sign sapakia like essien,his nursing assistant will be JVC.


Lamiara ole would be in charge of the apoditiria making sure everyone is toeing the line and combating theodoridis from the gavrous,his assistant is ELLAS75.


myself and val will take fyssas and vokolos positions as TDs after we hand them over to accor6 and thyra 13 to do as they like to them. 

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How many of us were against this move from the start? We pao fans are way too experienced with signings of this nature.


And enough with this bullshit 'oloi sto aerodromio'. Okay i can accept some like rivaldo, but who the hell is essien exactly?

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Apparently the club contacted both the Chelsea and Milan medical staffs in May to get opinions on the player.


The English told us to operate right away ASAP in the spring.

Essien and Milan said he was fine and did not require surgery.. FN Waps... :lol:


I agree with Asteras and Accor6, someone should get axed for this..

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I just re-read the first couple of pages in this thread... Oh, the excitement and celebrations.... Back then, I said "Although it's nice to bring such players to Greece, that brings excitement to the fans, I'm old enough to know that these moves are hit-or-miss. Most of these transfers turned bad.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the club trying to raise the level and be more competitive. Yet, I want to see how big name players apply themselves and what contributions bring to the team, instead of cashing in their fame and collect $$ while they're semi-retired."


Let's not forget that whoever was in charge of the planning (Anastasiou has to have part of the blame), should be fired. The idea was that this team would be playing in Europe this season! We needed ready players to qualify. Instead it was a total failure and none of the transfers helped. It's incompetence, to say the least, that you get a player like Essien to help you at the end of October (if that)!!!  Disgusting.

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I was hoping he would be our new Gilberto Silva... anyone know whatsup with him? Will he play a game?


Cisse played amazing for us and earned back a call up for France with his form. This was AFTER two broken legs!

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