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The whole Noboa saga was disappointing.  On paper and considering his wage he should have dominated the midfield.  He wasn't bad and he clocked up lots of kilometers (pull out your calculators you yanks) but he just wasn't the player I was hoping for that could just say to the opposition "f--k off, this midfield is mine".

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Noboa very average vs the US, Ecuador deservedly lost. Was subbed off at 62'


I watched the game. I think he was injured or completely out of gas.


Necid scored the tying goal for the Czechs against Croatia today with a penalty kick in the 94th minute.

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Portugal's given up three goals in this match vs Hungary. I only tuned in around the 60th so can't tell who/what happened. Seems like a real shitshow.

Hungary scored two lucky free kicks and Ronaldo exploded.

Best game I've watched so far. 4 goals in 15 minutes. I really hope that the karpouzas and Vierinha make it into the final.

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inPAOK reports that Miguel Vitor will sign with Israeli team Hapoel Beer Sheva for 500K per season.


Even though I still believe Vitor had a place on the PAOK roster, no way is he worth 500K salary. Sounds more like a fake news story panted by his manager.

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