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Dutch Eagle

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PAOK really gets screwed up with the dates of the playoffs. I really don't understand why Superleague waits for 10 days to start the playoffs. Tell me the reason why the playoffs don't start on May 13 or at the very least May 17. I would really hate to be the team that finishes last in the playoffs since they will only have 3 weeks of rest before they have to play in European competition.


PAOK gets screwed because Noboa has to leave for Copa America on May 23 and will only play one game in the playoffs.

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Assuming we start the playoffs with the same points (2 or 3) as Panathinaikos, I think it will take winning all our home games and getting at least ties in the away games to finish in first place. That's 15 points, and I think that should be enough. It's not going to be easy though.

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We are pretty much out concerning the first place, and I have much doubt that we will finish in 2nd place as well. If we lose to Panathinaikos on Sunday, we have two games against Atromitos (home) and Tripoli (away). We will need to win both games, which so far we proved that we can't. On top of that after Sunday Panathinaikos will mathematically clinch first place and will not play to win in their last two games. If we have any luck, I think we will end in 3rd place, although a 4th place would not surprise me.

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not excusing the fact that we have some serious issues right now, but these play offs really screwed us this year.... not only did we lose 2nd place and CL, but now the team has lost valuable rest and recovery time


F*** the playoff system! :tdown:

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