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I guess its good that they've voted in a less conservative and religious/islamic government. Hopefully it can be a step away from Erdogan, but I don't see Turkey's influence decreasing that much in the near future.


But I'm still not sure about any unification talks, it is an awkward position that the 4 countries (Cyprus, N.Cyprus, Greece & Turkey) find themselves in.

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What are the red lines on Greek side?

what the red line on the greek side are at the moment i dont know yet but the turkish leader said that he has no intentions of restarting the talks with any red lines.




i just read an article that said that the meeting that was planned this saturday between anastasiades and akinci is postphoned untill next week. reasons are not considered of substance.



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The problem is not repatriating those Turks. They can buy them out. A few wealthy Greek Cypriots would spend this money if it meant unification. These people are being used as leverage. A possible solution would be a federated state, but not like in the past when the two communities were separated economically, and politically. The northern Turkish Cypriots will not accept any deal that marginalizes them.


Anyway, the biggest obstacle to reunification is Erdogan. He's a nationalist leader who has grandiose visions, like he's trying to emulate Putin. He is dangerous. I don't see him "giving up a piece of Turkey" as long as he's Turkey's leader. So, even if the Turkish-Cypriots would like a solution, he has to agree, and I don't see this happening now. The only chance would be if Europe was to offer a carrot to Turkey, though I don't see this happening either.

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