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Watching the Panserraikos game that's taking place in our stadium. It's being played at a snail's pace, but Panserraikos is winning (and attacking much more effectively). Not sure if that's because they're good or because Panaitolikos is that bad.

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Ahh so at least it's impressive that these guys are so organized they managed to spend money on a BANNER mocking the guy hahaha

This entire country needs to be burn. In fact, all of the Balkans should sink into the sea.

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At a last minute they decided that the Panserraikos stadium is not fit to hold games despite the fact that Panserraikos already played two game there. As a result Saturday's game against Aris was switched and Aris will be the home team and Panserraikos the away team.

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Decision after last Sunday's derby that was abandonned:

Gavro vs Vazelo 0-3

Gavro -1 point in the standing

Gavro fined

Gavro 2 matches "kekleismenon thiron"

So one of these 2 matches is against us on MD 10.

New standings:

Pana 19

Oly 18


AEK 17

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Did the rules for this kind of stuff change? It seems each time this happens, the point deduction is different (didn't we get -4? for one of these?).

I'm sure the appeal will result in a lessened penalty. But I hope the home fan ban will be upheld ?

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Looks like the game will be switched as being an away game for Serres and will be played at Toumba with PAOK as the home team. It might also be rescheduled for Saturday. In the second round Serres will be the home team, but I am sure that there will still be issues with their stadium.

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Panathinaikos got spanked today. Only TWO POINTS separates us from first place. This is going to be an interesting second half of the year - especially since we host Panathinaikos, AEK, AND Olympiakos. ?

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