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OK, so you are saying that it is Savvidis problem that Alafouzos destroyed Panathinaikos and Panathinaikos does not have anymore the team to thrive in Champions League?

And by the way, you are keep referring to the past as in twenty years ago. Would you like to be reminded what Panathianikos did the last five times he played in Europe? You suffered two eliminations and in three appearances in EL group stage you received in total 8 points!

2016-17 you got 1 point in the Europa League group stage

2015-16 you were eliminated by Gabala and didn't make it to the group stage of Europa League

2014-15 you got 2 points in the Europa League group stage

2012-13 you got 5 points in the Europa League group stage

2011-12 you were eliminated by Maccabi and didn't even make it to the EL group stage

I certainly do not want to diminish Panathinaikos, but take a look in the mirror before you blame Savvidis for everything.

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"Winning the title is not a big thing to me" Because you hate PAOK more than you love your own team and having an 'anyone but PAOK' attitude is quite sad.

"PAO can win a meaningless championship today" no you can't, and you wont.

"However JVC and PAOTHEGREAT are not passing judgment on anyone"  did you forget which account you were logged into?

Question "you are saying that it is Savvidis problem that Alafouzos destroyed Panathinaikos"

@PAOTHEGREAT Answer... "I don't know who's at fault, " Jesus wept... either up your dose or stop taking the medication all together as its clearly not doing you any good.

To be honest rather than being ridiculed, you probably need help. 


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Basketball is dominated by Aris my friend. Aris is the biggest team and Aris brought so much honor to the country from multiple European successes. And continues to this very day. Olympiakos and Panathinaikos challenge each other to be the second biggest team in Greece. The first is taken a long time ago and will be like that FOREVER! Ask ukworm and the rest of σκουλήκια!

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4 hours ago, PAOTHEGREAT said:

Blackhawk,  how much are you paying this guy?   

None of my guys are paid. They are all volunteers. The main thing is that I get paid. That is capitalism at its best.

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Πολύ μεγάλη ευκαιρία για την Ξάνθη. Για να δούμε αν θα καταφέρει ο Ολυμπιακός να κερδίσει ξανά στις καθυστερήσεις. Θα έχει σίγουρα 9 λεπτά.

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