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Besides Football PAOK is involved in other sports as well. Let's discuss those sports in this thread. 


PAOK participates in the following sports:





Figure Skating



Ice Hockey


Swimming, Technical

Tae Kwon Do

Track & Field


Water polo





The web site of Amateur PAOK is http://acpaok.gr/ , but it rarely gets updated.


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PAOK's men's volleyball team is currently involved in the Final Four of the Greek Volleyball Championship. In the semifinal stage we are playing Panathinaikos, and after 4 games the series is tied 2:2. The final game of the series will be played in Thessaloniki and the winner will got to the final, where they will face the winner of the Olympiakos - Syros semifinal.


BTW PAOK volleyball is this years Greek Cup winner, when they defeated Olympiakos in the final.

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ice hockey? i've been playing for a few months, do you think i could get a try out at PAOK?


I am sure you can, although I don't know the state of the team right now. If you check their Facebook page, it looks like they are focusing introducing the young kids to the game.



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PAOK - Olympiakos  3:0


PAOK takes the series 3:0 on games and is the new Greek champion in volleyball.


Bravo to the team that won the double in the sport this season.





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