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Bananas that wasn't my question, if they had the budget with this personnel would they win it? I highly doubt it.


As for changing budgets I still think Oly would win, p*****es always outdo the ones trying to do good....


And lastly budget helps but it doesn't guarantee any success.


Agree, with current personnel, $10 billion won't help.  I agree, a budget doesn't guarantee success, but it helps to attract players.  More important than the transfer budget is the wage budget.

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lollllllllllll I can't with this anymore!

Are we being dead set here or what?

For all we know, every single one of us could be a fat stereotypical internet nerd warrior.

Who gives a rats F*** if pana97 posts everyday!

Good on you re! One love and that's PAO!!!

As for you JVC, relax mate!

You don't need to preach about how to be a gominiari to us.

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Well to be quite fair

Our squad on paper has progressed

With the signings of abeid, kaltsas, essien, sanchez, thelander..

However we've struggled to utilise these players.

Remember how badly we all wanted abeid and how we were so baffled as to why PAO were being so stingy to pay Newcastle a few hundred 1000 for his signature....now look at us.

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^^^^got openly sacked on tv by brighton never went anywhere with them afterwards they ironically got better.. was an epic disaster with sunderland only for the wise dutchman that kept them up..also flunked with spurs in the ramos day's,...honestly i like poyet.... but a serious coach laughable :)

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Also got Brighton promoted, Brighton hasn't gone anywhere since without him and him being sacked as you say live on tv isn't an insult to him its an insult to the club for not doing things the correct way. He also got Sunderland to a league cup final, first time they got to a final in 22 years. Cant be that bad and as I said he is better than most of the sapio coaches the SL currently has.

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