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if to block him from joining the Gavs - Yes. And he can then be sold to someone else, we can play him, or staple his ass on the bench(!), if we feel like it!!! ;)

So please get over that spineless underdeveloped lanky turd. Tavlaridis said it right. He is good enough for Panionio, otherwise he would still be with us. Reminds me of Mantzios, has talent but wrong attitude. How can he, as a pro, playing CB, still way 150 pounds??? Hit the gym m*****smeno! But noooooo! He can't be bothered from enjoying frappedakia and acting like a pseftomaggaki!

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For we really care if he goes to Gavros? If that's where his heart is at, let him go. We saw Sunday his personality. Calling friends/former teammates mounia after the game after several years of playing together. That was probably the biggest win of career. F*** Risvanis. Tavlaridis should have knocked him out.

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Summer isn't over yet...   Sanchez has a few more sand castles to build!



As for Essien... he's still working off the hang over..... 



Don't even get me started on him... I don't care if he becomes the best defensive midfielder in the league... for me he is finished and there is ABSOLUTELY no coming back


First off, you let yourself BALLOON up to a crazy weight while your injured


And now, you get pulled over and blow POSITIVE for alcohol when you are trying to get back into shape and get into playing shape??  Notice, I didn't say "blow over the limit"..... the fact that he went for DRINKS 2 days before his "debut" match really says it all


He's shown how much he respects our team with his actions....  Instead of doing EVERYTHING physically possible to get his career back on track, he blows up in weight, is eternally injured and goes out for drinks


He should be HOME b/c team curfew is 10 PM (i believe) and definately drinking smoothies instead of alcohol.....


Essien is finished in my book....

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^ I get why you can be critical of the player. I really do. I just don't get why you can be so while at the same time be all over Mantzios' nuts. Yes the kolopaido had talent, but his refusal to work hard coupled with his apparent nonchalance does nothing to rage you? I'm surprised you haven't made a comment about how he seems more committed to expressing himself with his new tats rather than on the pitch... At least Essien, prior to injury, was a world elite footballer... Baggelako accomplished diddly squat by comparison (even by Greek standards) yet you still cheer for him like a schoolgirl!?!! This is where you lose me...

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K I will explain


Mantzio was never a born leader and would often get bashed for showing a nonchalant or lackadaisical attidue...  however, I dont' really see it that way..   He always showed up to practice... was always fit.. and rarely injured... he was always avialble for his coaches and always got playing time on whatever team he was on



He may not have been the hardest working player on the squad....  but at least respected the sport and club enough to show up on time, always be available, always be fit.... in other words, at least he did his job and respected the club


He did pretty decent at our club but he just wasn't the correct fit for our team....  a team like PAO requires their striker to be charismatic and filled with tsabouka.... Mantzio just isn't that.... not to say he's a bad palyer, but he just doesn't fit for a team like PAO


He's immensely talented and could work as a peripheral player at team like PAO but will/could never be PAOs focal man...   In a diff environment under diff circumstances... the kid would flourish and be a TOP player in Europe... but it just wasn't meant to be


As for Essien.... everything he has done has shown me that he gives two flying F***s about PAO.. he has taken a big s%$#! on the trifilli....


1) Shows up to camp extremely overweight

2) Goes out past curfew

3) Gets pulled over and blows positive for alcohol

4) Focuses more on insttagram than work on the field...


Well enough is enough... the guy is finished for me...

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2 You don't know. You know what time he was out?


3 .30 is 2 beers. Really??


4 Its irrelevant


13 You have never been an athlete. I used to see Paspalie and Xristodoulou puff a pack of cigarettes before game day in Glifada. Both did real good for PAO, just to name some examples


So m*****es toumbana. If he is done then the fault lays down to mgmt for  bringing him in. Anything else written above is irrelevant as long as he produces on the field

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I don't know the exact time he was out, however I do know that he was stopped by cops on a check point... they usually don't start checkpoints till after 10 or 11.... so you can infer that he was out past curfew which is 10


Second... if your overweight and trying to stay in shape... WHY THE HELL would you be drinking??  I dont care if he was over the limit... why was he drinking in the first place??  This isn't some celebration where your allowed to drink... you gotta respect the rules and respect your body... especially since the damn guy was so overweight


And your right, I've never been a professional athlete, but bringing up Paspalie and Xristodoulou is extremely irrelevant b/c those were COMPLETELY different times.. and the game was COMPLETELY different back then... nowadays the game relies HEAVILY on athleticism and your not doing your body any favors by drinking even 2 beers.... especially when you haven't really played a damn game in 6 months.....

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I think you are over exaggerating and neat-picking. Both those players played same amount of games that Diamandidis is playing right now. No difference. Europe, Cup and domestic championship



2 beers?? omg!


Also the overweight thing is something that you bringing up a lot but have not heard or read somewhere. Where did you read it at?

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