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Greece Qualifying Chances.....

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Greece predictions Faore islands 0 Greece 2 Greece 1 Finland 0 Romania 1 Greece 1 Northern Ireland 0 Greece 1 Greece 2 Hungary 1 * Secure 3rd place

No making the round of 16 is not over-achieving. Anyone who thinks that doesn't understand the sport or the expectations from our group. We would have over achieved if we beat the Netherlands to make

It can go a couple different ways at the end of the day to control our own destiny by having the last game against Hungary count we just need to make up 3 points on Hungary because then if we win the

not that big of a deal tho guys. it's just more selection, no one is putting a gun to your head to watch s%$#! matches. just watch deeper into the tourny and matches you're interested in. Much like how a lot of people don't watch qualifiers. Greece vs. Estonia is not gunna get the average neutral excited, but for us we are engaged cause that's our patrida.

it increases the chances that everyones favourite team gets in and will raise the popularity of the sport and therefore quality long term.


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The proposed deal of expanding to 48 countries is a joke and abolishing draws into automatic shoot-outs, Gianni Infantino must be losing his marbles, ruining the beautiful game as it was now and before. smh

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