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Corruption In The Greek Sl


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Beos went to jail for a few months... Now he's free and about


I'm pretty sure he's involved in soccer in some way, shape or form.... so much for being 'banned from soccer for life"



As for Marinaki... OK lets say he does get the same punishment... 


He has PLENTY of people that will pull the strings for him while he is away...


For instance... No. 1 katharma.... Vrentzos


Not to mention, Kokkali (we all know how squeaky clean he is).. is right around the corner and there was rumbling that he could take the presidency and run the club as well...



LIke I said...  you take off one head... 3 others grow in its place....


Unless there is some HARDCORE punishments to people and clubs... this circus will continue

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Beos is irrelevant, he is done. Where do you see him being involved?


Skase mwrw poia...popo re file. Today is a good day and you are crying... The guy Sarris, the PRESIDENT of EPO, paid 50K not to go to jail, he can't be involved with soccer again, he can't exit the country, he is going on a trial and your seeing ghost!!!


Will you not be happy if Marinakis goes to Jail and we go straight to the CL? What the F*** else do you want. ( well i want some championships taken away from them) 


And Tzigger is not longer around to let a new paranga begin


Now lets hold our horses for tomorrow because Marinakis instead of getting a punishment can become EPO's new president :P

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This is what would be IDEAL for me at least... and to put an end to the circus we have been apart of for many years...


1) Marinakis goes to jail (with no bail) and he's found guilty of match fixing, running the criminal organization and attempted murder

2) Olympiakos gets some sort of punishment whether it be exclusion from Europe or relegation or SOMETHING has to happen to the club...

3) The other "cronies" at Olympiakos get similar punishsment... that whole management/corporation is DIRTY


Now what will most likely happen...


1) Marinakis will pay a fine (50-70k) to avoid the slammer

2) He'll get a temporary restriction for leaving the country and a suspension from soccer

3) Olympiakos will not be implicated

4) Marinakis will apply for an appeal and it will be granted so he'll be free to do whatever he wants

4) Vrentzos or Kokkalis will assume the presidency till everything is sorted out



Our best bet is the 2nd trial he has with the Heroine charges....  But in that case.. we are only getting rid of one person (Marinaki) not the system.... regardless.. i guess its a start

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I am a firm believer that "everything is bought and sold " in Greece!

Therefore mbouldoza ONCE AGAIN WILL WALK!

Mark my words!


Greece/Greeks in general and the entire justice system is corrupt and it will allow once more mbouldoza to WALK!


I hope I AM 100% WRONG!

But I cannot see a conviction coming for the life of me!

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I would have to assume that the same restraining order against Saris will also be applied to Marinakis. Specially when his request to delay things was nor accepted.


With that in mind, it will be important that UEFA gets an immediate report on the situation, so they can take action and the rest of the Greek teams in European competition can benefit. This is what happened two years ago to Fenerbahce and Metalist. Once UEFA saw that the officials from those teams were indicted on corruption charges, their teams got punished. It's no wonder that there was a surprise meeting today between Alafouzos, Savvidis and Melissanidis to discuss the upcoming Superleague season.


It will be an interesting summer, but I think that eventually Marinakis will get off after many years of appeals.

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Marinakis has been going non stop now for 5 hours, obviously plenty to talk about! I imagine there would be plenty of evidence to go through as well.


Meanwhile Oly fans have assembled outside the court to show their support. The sheep have risen!

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UEFA doesnt need to be formally approached by anyone. Rest assured they are closely monitoring this case. For those who are unclear how this may unfold, I provide an extract of a legal blog summarising what happened to Fenerbahce in 2011/12. Note some of the similarities.


The 2011 Turkish match-fixing series in brief

In the summer of 2011, following Turkish?s police investigation into 19 football matches suspected of being fixed, 61 individuals were arrested, including club managers and Turkish national players. Fenerbah?e, Besiktas and Eski?ehirspor were connected with match-fixing allegations in domestic tournaments in 2011.

Istanbul giant Fenerbah?e was at the epicentre of this match-fixing scandal, with its Chairman, Aziz Yildirim, being convicted by Istanbul?s 16th High Criminal Court of establishing and leading a criminal organisation, which rigged four games and offered payments to players or rival clubs to fix three others. Particularly, among other matches, it was found that under the leadership of the then President of Fenerbah?e, match-fixing agreements were made for the matches of Eski?ehirspor against Fenerbah?e and Eski?ehirspor against Trabzonspor dating from 9 April 2011 and 22 April 2011 respectively. The Eski?ehirspor head coach and the player were found guilty for match-fixing in the match with Trabzonspor and were sentenced to imprisonment. Furthermore, the High Criminal Court convicted Besiktas? Officials of match-fixing activities with regard to the Final Cup played between Besiktas and Istanbul BB on 11 May 2011.

As a result of this alleged match-fixing involvement Fenerbah?e was banned by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) from participating in the 2011-2012 CL. Later on, the 25 July 2013, Fenerbah?e was found ineligible by the UEFA Appeals Body (UAB) to participate in the next two UEFA club competitions including the 2013/14 UEFA CL, since it could not comply with the UEFA Champions League (UEL) admission requirements. Similarly, Besiktas and Eski?ehirspor, in 2013 and 2014 respectively, were considered by the UAB ineligible to participate in the next UEL season, on the grounds of a breach of the UEL admission criteria and particularly of Article 2.08.

A next round of proceedings was brought before the CAS. On 28 and 30 August 2013, the CAS rejected Fenerbah?e?s and Besictas? appeals.[4] One year later, on 2 September 2014, Eski?ehirspor faced the same fate. Interestingly enough, the Eski?ehirspor panel was the first CAS panel to deal with the sanction of a club victim of a match-fixing arrangement.

The outcome of the Turkish cases is not necessarily surprising. The CAS practice has been consistently embracing the UEFA zero tolerance policy against match-fixing.


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