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Corruption In The Greek Sl


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Well Levadias president has been ordered not be around any sport activities for the time being


Now we know who will take the fall for Marinakis. He will be the one that will be made an example just like Psomiadis and Beos did. He will become a mayor of Levadeia and the fat one will walk free.

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The 26 charged of organized crime



They have not been charged yet. They were just informed that they are under investigation and were called for preliminary hearings. After those hearings the prosecutor will decide if they will be charged.

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Well he does have a big decision to make which one of his puppet teams to save. Panionios or Levadeiakos?


A lot also depends on Panopoulos, if Xanthi will play hard against Panthrakikos or if he will rest his team for the cup final.


Should be an interesting Sunday.

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