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Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

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On 05/10/2017 at 12:42 AM, ausgreek said:

Vre Gsots, I was tempted to have a yeeros with tomato sauce re! Tziol at AM gave me melancholy. The world nearly fell off its axis. I hope Akritis or Red Sheriff didn't read that.

Hahaha "I'll have my gyros with mayo subsauce and jalapeno" 

Hahaha imagine he put him there and he just snipes bar down with an absolute rocket ?

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Guys, I just realized something. Oly used to use Toro as a center mid off and on back before 2011, maybe that could be on option too. I haven't seen much of bakakis, but his crossing looks like it needs work (might have just been having an off day tho) but he works hard and handles the ball well enough. 

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Assuming Donis and Samaris are out, my starting 11 vs Cyprus would be (4-2-3-1):


toro                   Sokratis       manolas            Tzavellas

                          Zeca                Kpaps

Lazaros                         Mantalos                    Stafylidis



-Kpaps over Tachtsidis because he scores more goals and is far better defensively. Also, he is tougher and more of a leader.

-Mantalos over Fortounis because Mantalos is more tenacious, can chip in defensively, and is in excellent form. He can finally play his natural position.  Also, Fortounis is kinda soft, he hasnt played much for Olympiacos recently and his set pieces have been piss poor this campaign.  Fortounis is an excellent option off the bench with his technical ability.

-Lazaros to start because he gives us that "x-factor" offensively.  He's in amazing form and has chemistry with most of the players in the starting lineup from when he was a regular member of the NT.  However, Im concerned that he is not up to speed with the team tactics/structure...hopefully he can learn quickly.

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12 hours ago, Boxou said:

kick samaris out, phantis forums members seem to know more than benfica's officials.

Samaris is needed. I still think he offers something. He is much better than Tziolis. Defensively better than Tachtsidis and has experience. I expect him to score though and I expected to pick out smart through balls to our wingers and Mitroglou, he hasn't shown much vision like Tachtsidis. That is what he hasn't done yet. His passes are good, has good height and had some skill with the ball. Blaming him for that one goal Belgium scored doesn't justify him to sit out. 

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i think it's obvious i'm being sarcastic. samaris is our best midfielder yet some people think he has no business in the team. obviously they know better than benfica officials as i said. they should apply for the scouter's job sooner than later

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I don't know dude. they had fesja from before so if anything it was Samaris who was supposed to overtake him and he did for a few seasons till fesja grew his favour back again.

Let's not forget that Samaris also was a champions league man of the week for a very competitive Benfica team a year and half ago as well.

Not saying that Samaris is a MUST start but he's definitely one of our better options and better to have than Tziolis.

Having Zeca and Tachtsidis over him is a reasonable argument though.

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The biggest problem is that we don't play our natural wingers. This is why we don't score enough. Gianniotas should be played. Donis also. They are creative and they get in good scoring chances. Stafylidis should stay at Leftback and Mantalos should behind Mitroglou. Other wing options are Lazaros and maybe Pelkas. Fortounis should play in a deeper midfield position that brings the ball up through the middle. Bakasetas and Diamantakos should not be called up along with Tziolis. Give players like Masouras, Pelkas, Galanopoulos and Androutsos a chance. 

I'd like to see Siopis play. My problem with him is his size. He can run and hustle all day. He is very agile and good with the ball. Kourbelis i don't know much of. He can position himself very well I've noticed and is reliable. That's why he is captain. Tachtsidis is very good to have. His size one thing and his vision is another. Zeca should be the starter for now. 


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gianniotas should better prove himself in a big stage before he earns a starting spot because at the moment he has had spells in cyprus, mid-table greek teams and second spanish league and basically shouldn't even be around in a team like greece. however both him and out second league benchwarmers like diamantakos and vellios take advantage of the fact that we have no other players in their positions. or basically we do have, but they're either injured(karelis) or ignored(lazaros)

u21 and u19 teams have a lot of talent up front (androutsos, lamprou, limnios, manthatis, mourgos, spanoudakis, douvikas etc) so once these guys explode the likes of mpakasetas, vellios, diamantakos and gianniotas will be watching the team from their homes.

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Spanoudakis is a talent. I don't know why he is not even in the u21s. Mourgos I don't know much of. Diamantakos has provided nothing, aswell as Vellios. Bakasetas hasnt done much but is more reliable than the previous 2. Gianniotas is a good weapon off the bench. Tziolis plays in Saudi and should not be called up. So there are players that can eventually replace these players, such as:

Tziolis for Kourbelis

Bakasetas for Pelkas

Diamantakos for Karelis

Vellios for Bouchalakis

Maniatis for Siopis 

Tzavellas for Lykogiannis

With these adjustments the team looks better. 


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I personally think Tzavellas is solid. I'd rather have him as bench with Holebas in there but he'd be like my 2nd or 3rd choice.

Also I think it's a bit too late now to start shifting the team unless there's a no brainer.

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