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Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

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Why Fountas instead of Aravidis or Gianniotas?? Why Tziolis instead of Kourbelis? Why Vyntra instead of anyone else? I had a feeling Katsouranis would be included so I won't question that but the other three are questionable choices.

With these call ups I'd go with a 4-2-3-1 for the Faroe Islands game:


Torosidis Sokratis Manolas Stafylidis

Samaris Tachtsidis

Fetfatzidis Ninis Fortounis

Mitroglou or Karelis

For the friendly I'd go with a 4-3-3 to play everyone:


Torosidis Tavlaridis Moras Tassoulis

Katsouranis (CDM we have no midfielders with us)

Lazaros Kone (CMs in front of Katsouranis)

Kolovos Karelis (or mitroglou) Fountas

We really could have used another CDM like Kourbelis or Lagos instead of Vyntra or Tziolis with the team because other than Samaris Katsouranis Tachtsidis and Tziolis we have no other central midfielders, and Tziolis is trash and shouldn't play.

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I'm disappointed at such retrograde call ups of Kats, Tziolis and Vydra.

These offer so little to the squad. Why call up these 3 players in particular as 1789 mentioned against the Faroes and for a friendly? It's illogical and it just proves how inept Karagounis has been.

I wish he was never appointed as he has way too much influence. He's bias is a real negative force and he rewards his friends.

Pick 1 of Tziolis or Kats if you must go down this path but not both! Also in hindsight I have changed my mind and don't think he should have excluded Holebas. If he is wrong about Holebas' motivation then it's on his head if he never plays again.

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Greece in my opinion is finished, Karagounis is selfish, we need goals we don't need kats or vyntra And tziolis??? Really?? Is Segio turning into a yes man? Without xolebas we might barley sneak by Faroe which even that will be difficult but going forward we are finished, I do like Ninis/fortounis/fetfa on a positive note. Wtf is the issue with xolebas? We need him if we are serious about making a miracle run to try and get 3rd.

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I dont think 2 defensive mids are needed...would be refreshing if the new skipper just let them play!


Would love to see














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You know, sto kato kato, the selecting of the national teams over the years, like now, even though there has been success at times, with all the oldies still getting a run, reminds me of a group of friends going to a rave party in 70's gear, and everyone is 18-22 years of age. They ask for marujiana, they get laughed at, and told there are only pills, and told they are kidding, they are geriatrics! 

We must get with the times. A successful model for player squads is proven to be 22-28 years of age, with the ODD 30 year old. That's the model. Now fit the names into that model. Fullstop!!!! Need energy in these games maaan..

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win is a must offcourse and then lets hope that finland wins from hungary , then we have the play offs in our own hands.


newsbeast comes with this. not sure if its in this formation but i think so.









it also says that markarian is thinking of tachtsidis in the midfield and fortounis on the left , and mitroglou is more favorite to start as forward then karelis.

what i dont get is if he starts kone who has a bad season and is out of form and lacks confidence. i didnt follow pao but i read in their section that ninis is on his way back and  in good form. im happy with the rest of the line up if true.





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I like Kone, but I really think that form should play a big part of who gets selected. 1789's list seems like the best option for us. And most realistic, since Katsouranis will inevitably play.









Fortounis in for Karelis sounds like a good move to me as well. Perhaps Moras over Katsouranis?

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You have to laugh. The guy has no business as a National team player. We all know that. The player himself knows that but Karagounis is loyal to his kolitous.

Same obviously for Vydra and Tziolis.

If we fail to go to Euro 2016 surely that will end this embarrassing farce.

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If Fortounis is infact ruled out, tarnished fingernail or tan went orange or something, SEEERG baby should not muck about and opt for Takis Fyssas or Dimitrios Papadopoulos to replace him. They won euro in '04 so this way we stick with experienced mids, crucial infact. Leave it to Karagounis to organise.

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Anyone know when Kyriakos is due back, this left a gaping hole like the Grand Canyon, by not being available against that new football power Faroes.

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i think Karelis will be a massive upgrade for us in the future he has the energy the skill the determination and most importantly the passion. Sokratis is a must stay in this team so is Kyriakos, Manolas pissed me off a bit, i dont know if i will keep him there all the time. Moras should play more i think. WIth Samaris and  Kyriakos in the middle and Ninis i believe we have a well balance midfield with hardworking, aggressive and solid passing and creating. Lazaros and Kone can be on the bench.

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We need to use the next four games to test players like Kaltsas Kourbelis Gianniotas Mantalos Diamantakos Bakakis Petsos and Kolovos to figure out if they will have a future spot on this team. At this point, Stafylidis should still be our LB to gain more experience, same with Samaris and Tachtsidis, all of them need to gain more experience in these 4 meaningless games. We need to build some sort of core to build off of for the World Cup qualifiers. We probably won't qualify for the World Cup but we need to have a solid showing to build momentum for Euro 2020 qualifying...

We also need to find the coach of the future ASAP, someone that knows Greek soccer that will rebuild the entire national team set up from u15 to the senior team, we need to find an identity. Michel maybe?

Or Ketsbaia??

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