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Hey guys not sure if you knew but the guys from super league academies brought karagounis in to New York. I will be playing with him in a friendly charity match later tonight... Hopefully I can get a picture with him and he can sign my centenary jersey!

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Also... just looked at the gavros summer preaseason....  they have 43!!!! players on their roster!!!  Thats insane...


Only 25 of them are going to Poland for preseason.... they can create and farm out 3-4 diff teams!!! 


I understand they are behaving like Porto and Benfica... but at some point... this needs to stop....

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Ti ginete panathinaikares!


Posted somewhat frequently some months ago on the old site, but ive been following the team religiously (as always) and have been reading up on this site pretty frequently nonetheless. Excited to start posting again!

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Two players that I would ABSOLUTELY  LOVE to have on our team.....


Fortounis and Marcelinho..... 



WOW those two payers can play......  


Fortounis has been an ALL-STAR during this preseson and looks like Silva will have him as a starter this year (as Tsori will start slowing down).... calm, cool, collected... GREAT vision ... good passing and slicky good finishing... very RARE for a Greek player to have all those qualities...  the gavro is lucky on getting him


Best greek offensive player out there in my opinion



Marcelinho....  just watched him take down AIK by HIMSELF....   goal... assist... drew a PK....   He ALWAYS gave us trouble when he played for Xanthi...  Would fit PERFECTLY in our midfield as he is a hard worker, very clever on his feet, has excellent dribbling abilities, good finishing and is VERY QUICK...  Would easily spend 500-750k to Atromito for his services b/c he is easily a 2-3 milion player if sold by a "larger" team

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