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Markarian was at one point a great tactician and motivator. Obviously his thinking hasn't evolved enough to be able to coach and motivate this current NT group of mediocre quality and s%$#! temperament players we got.

He is the wrong man to coach this team, no question about that and he should retire anyway.

However this particular squad we have is beyond pathetic bar our two CBs . They have the work rate and intensity of Sunday pub players , are overrated to the max and for still some absurd reasons have young, impressionable fans who think they are wonderful talents.

What I saw today on TV made my eyes sore , such archaic, almost barbaric football out of the prehistoric times. I thought for a moment that T- Rex would rise and in the air and score with a header. I became delusional watching this useless and pointless s%$#! football by millionaire players that could give a s%$#! tomorrow morning.

You can't fix this situation by a simple coaching change or by replacing per se the laziest striker I've ever seen in Mitroglou with any other Greek hack forward who wouldn't be able to score alone in a Romanian brothel with a hundred thousand Euros in his back pocket.

That 00-04 team was coached and motivated by a truly great psychologist / coach but was extremely fortunate to have at his disposal at least 8-10 experienced players that had endless leadership qualities and a set of balls.

Far cry from this lame Barbie doll group.

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I won't say much but I said it before ranieri got sacked..this current crop of greek senior players are the biggest problem to motivate...time for a huge overhaul squad wise! you can't go any lower now Notting to lose by this big decision if taken....

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If your not as good as rene Henriksen you have no room to come to Greece and man our defence

There are many that came and left and maybe showed better elsewhere after we let them go but many were duds. Antonson enakarire, Robert jarni

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