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sas ta elega alla den akoute!

akomi ki o alefantos goustarei auton ton paixti kai ton thelei sto gayro opos kai ton karnezi.

mas ton fagane ki auton...

kallo einai na kratisoume kai kanenan Ellina e?

oson afora to Zeka stin ethniki…ekei thelo mono ELLHNES!

den paei na erthei ki o mesi! sta tetoia mou! 

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1 hour ago, jvc said:

I told you guys we should have kept him,  and I believe Lamiara predicted he would end up with the gavros.  One of the stupidest moves by management...we chose to try and develop 30 over him,  while 30 has to be 1 of the worst prospects to ever come out for us.  Thank God we fired those jerk offs and are doing much better now.  I called it 3 years,  and most in here laughed at Risvanis.

I don't remember anyone in here 'laughing at risvanis'

Just about everyone rated him except the management at the time. That bum anastasiou....


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Freeze you might just have a point.

I was looking at the lineup with risvanis nowhere to be seen, mind you he is yet to miss a game.

Was the a red card on the oly player?

The panionios faithful are loosing it at the ref. It's obvious what is going on.

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Well to be fair...the Serb is having the season of his life so far.... could easily be playing in the EPL or a top German side (Leverkusen/Wolfsburg/etc.)

The Serb has made that midfield look extremely disjointed but point taken.... one thing is for sure... Risvani will deifnately be ready for this match... no "magic injuries"

Also... Retso is such a CLOWN... he should have gotten 4 cards by now (1 of them being a straight red).... Bento is also a RETARD for keeping him on the field.... 

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10 hours ago, Grkfreezer624 said:

In other news... Risvani is suddenly "injured" a day before the match with the Gavro.....


He is already signed for them but they are trying to determine a loop hole so the gavro doesn't have to pay us for the transfer....

I don't know if he has agreed with them already, but the gayroi does not need any loophole. Risvanis contract with Panionios expires this upcoming summer, so he can sign for whatever club he wants in January. 

That a$$ clown Anastasiou should be sued for criminal acts against the club for releasing Risvani. Alafouzos should obviously also have put his foot down in this case.  

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5 hours ago, Grkfreezer624 said:

The funny thing is all the refereeing mistakes are being swept under the rug despite them being deciders in the game's result... there were at least 10-12 that I counted

And every team but one has been cheated at least once

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The gavroi are +2 and they have played a derby and won at panionios

We are -2 and have had a easier schedule.

This doesn't bode well.

Those bastards have their worst roster for some time and yet the confidence from winning the title every year propels them to the top. They always seem to come away with points against teams that the other 3 drop points against.

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"1 εκατομυριο εσπασε σε 20 διαφορετικες στοιχιματικες εταιριες και πηρε 11.5 καθηστε τωρα και βγαλε τους ολους αχρηστους! Ο στιλ τα ρουφαγε σαν αβγα ο μπεργ κοιταζε τα νυχια και ο στραματσονι κοιμοτανε!καλα κρασια!κονομανε στην πλατη της ομαδας εδω και χρονια!"

This is written somewhere…I hope it's not true!

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Would have completely believed this to be true if Dimitraki has any sort of influence in the PAE...

This happened in the 08 season when we again lost to Xanthi (title losing game)... Dimitraki bet on Xanthi and made out like a bandit.. I believe Morris also made quite a bit of cash and got red carded in the process

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