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LOL I'm not the mood right now, but long story short Grkfreezer624 is not a fan of the NT, he doesn't want our players playing for the NT, and if you mention the words Ethniki or National Team.. his response will be Gamietai i Ethniki.


Don't get offended boys, he's also a big Mantzios and Ten Cate fan lol

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On 10/6/2016 at 8:37 AM, Giourkas said:

In essence, the NT is an Epo boys club... the very same epo that's been part of the red system all these years in the SL. Many feel that it's not worth exposing green players to injury in the service of such a corrupt organization...

Απίθανα σκηνικά διαδραματίστηκαν στο ημίχρονο της αναμέτρησης Ελλάδα – Κύπρος, όπου προπηλακίστηκαν δημοσιογράφοι του ΣΠΟΡ – FM! «Γαμ@ τον Παναθηναϊκό σας και τον Αλαφούζο», τους έλεγαν και τους έφτυναν! Ξύλο στα επίσημα!

Την ώρα που οι δύο ομάδες ήταν στα αποδυτήρια τα επίσημα μετατρέπονταν σε «ρινγκ» και στα δημοσιογραφικά εκτυλίσσονταν σκηνές ντροπής!

Σε ό,τι αφορά το επεισόδιο στα επίσημα του «Γεώργιος Καραϊσκάκης» έπεσαν... ψιλές! Τα χειρότερα, όμως, έμελλε να διαδραματιστούν στα δημοσιογραφικά του γηπέδου, όπου προπηλάκισαν τους δημοσιογράφους του ΣΠΟΡ FM 94,6. Άγνωστοι που δεν έχει διευκρινιστεί πως βρέθηκαν εκεί άρχισαν να βρίζουν και να φτύνουν τους σπορτκάστερ και να τους φωνάζουν: «Γαμ@ τον Παναθηναϊκό σας και τον Αλαφούζο»!

Πρόκειται, βέβαια, για ένα περιστατικό που συνέβη υπό την ευθύνη της ΕΠΟ και της αστυνομίας, που άφησαν απροστάτευτους τους δημοσιογράφους στο συγκεκριμένο γήπεδο

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Zeca would walk into that team and would be effective if the gameplan is all about grind and chasing the ball.

You can't put him next to maniatis and ask them to take control of the game.

Anyway, all this talk is nonsense. Zeca's commitments are to the club, i don't want him involved in that circus they got running over there. 

That goes for lucas as well.

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Fortunis is the next Ribo.... heard it hear first...


In regards to the whole Zeca debate.... I think its nonsense....  

From a clear gaming perspective, I think Zeca would walk into the midfield rather seemlessly... the NT doesnt have players that can do the job he does... He's relentless... never tires... great defensively and offers some build up going forward .. He's an all around modern day footballer... He's a gem for any team to have and would elevate the pathetic NT midfield

But to be honest... the guy has no place on the NT... frankly b/c he's not Greek... the man is Portuguese and sure he has spent 6 years in Greece but his only tie to the country is playing for PAO... the poor guy barely knows Greek and has lived the Portuguese culture his entire life...  I think it's bogus that he doesn't get called up to the Portuguese NT but thats a diff story for a diff day

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Let's not go nuts regarding zeca and the Portuguese NT. They have some solid midfielders in that squad and more coming through. Martins is considered surplus over there, comes here and is instantly a star.


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Watched the whole game and I must say I was really impressed by Chatzigiovannis. He went out on the field with absolutely no fear and he showed some great technical abilities. He reminded me a bit of Ninis when he first started playing. This kid deserves chances on the first team. 

Aggelopoulos also seemed rather promising in the midfield. In general all the youngsters did well, and everyone of them had speed.

Of the first team players Rinaldi stood out, while Villafanez went from being lousy in the first half to be great in the second. Marinakis and Chouchoumis also played well. On the other hand Vlachodimos showed once again that he should be shipped out in January. 

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9 hours ago, Grkfreezer624 said:

Yah his brother is still with us

The older one is at Irakli w/ superstar Lambrou



I'm quite surprised they're brothers because the younger one has a full set of long hair, while the older one is going bald at the age of 19 lol. Either way, the older one has been playing well the times I've seen Iraklis play. Shame we didn't keep him either, he would be a nice backup to Ledesma.

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Not sure how i feel about re-signing koutroubi.

Seems to play better with 3 at the back and he is our most able defender with the ball at his feet. Not a great passer though and despite playing well for long periods, he always has the potential to commit some stupid error. Oh and he is not a midfielder...

He has played well for the most part, but is he really that important going forward?

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I personally can't stand Koutroubi as he has no common sense about him and he is EXTREMELY aggresive for no good reason... he LITERALLY should get carded every game (rightfully so) and flirts w/ the red card all the time

He puts the team in extremely vulnerable positions at times and in my opinion h'es become a hybrid of Vyntra and 30

However, from the point that the coach wants him to stay... I can't help but say "the coach knows best"... so in that regards, I do hope that we resign him (he is asking for an extreme amount of money though)


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