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jvc I'm sure they are ALL pocketing something especially Meli since he owns OPAP, he didn't buy that with his Czech mates for fun.....  Only difference now is Meli can do it via OPAP where as fatF*** needs to bet overseas, there is no way Meli would allow them to rip off OPAP and he did come out and say a while back that they had been betting in Singapore and Malaysia, soon enough those authorities will catch up with them.


As for the League yes AEK a slight upper hand for 2nd spot now especially if we win tonight but also in our favour is we have all the derbies at home 2nd round so that should give us more confidence and belief. As for CL, in the playoffs anything can happen and even if we do top the group for playoffs in CL we can face some bigger teams from Europe so it wont be easy to get to CL. I have said all along I will be happy with Europa first season back anything more than that is a bonus.


Lastly Meli wont be throwing money in January, they will go for players on free's or on last season of their contract. Once we get into Europe then I would expect him to throw money into AEK. 

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why the hate for jens :huh: ??..nothing was expected much of him reputation wise but the worse player in pao history he hardly deserves this tag!...yes his not shown what we need but we still have a half season left!.. im backing jens to turn things around he just need's to settle.. for some reason his finding it difficult but the new couple of weeks i reckon hel still be our rb and looking solid after finding good form! jens to stay become a much better player over preseason ready for the rise next season! :)

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