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yesterdays arsenal starting 11 which was missing some key ingredients or the 2004/2005 team that could not beat us home or away... heres a few players that were on that team: Fabregas, Henry, Ashley Cole, Patrick Veirera, Pires, Bergkamp, Ljungberg, Toure and Gilberto Silva just to name a few....Never ever once when we played champions league was budget ever used out of our mouths. Panathinaikos fans or players didn't care who we played, we played to win. And if these kologavroi would look at our history and seen the teams and names weve beaten they would understand that Panathinaikos means

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jvc F*** em they're dogs, they sit there and bag us for things we say now they wish cancer on your family, who's the jokers now?


Now there is a civil war breaking out there between mtl the mutt and gouz gouz the keyboard warrior, the sick AEK fan he is who's on an Oly forum, then people say we have issues LOL :)


Don't lower yourself brother, they have a football site dedicated to Oly yet use it to wish cancer upon people and their families or abuse people's wives, lowest of the low.

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Iv seen their piss weak comments about us which are basically the same things over and over, you'd think they would be bored by now repeating themselves but then again small minds are amused by small things, they hang off 1 thing we each say and rave on about it for 2 years, sad little site for a sad bunch of people.


Mtl the papara still goes on about me saying gas chambers, I bet the m#$%! doesn't even know who the comment was aimed at but he still runs with it not knowing who it was directed at or the one that makes me laugh the most is where he thinks it bothers me AEK gets help from refs LOL an Oly fan talking about refs helping teams, the irony in that is just laughable itself, but each to their own....... I hope AEK can get help every game until season's end just so those papares understand how it feels when refs favour one team besides the xeftila team of theirs.


But as you said here we can debate and not agree but end of the day its each persons opinion and everyone respects that, its a football forum it would be pretty sad if we couldn't even chat with each other just because we support different teams.


Anyway keep your head up jvc, people that wish sh*t like that as they did toward you are scum, I wouldn't piss on them if they were burning on the street :)

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