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Xwris salio o gavros ton PAOK stin toumba.....


Kaluteri metagrafi tou gavrou mexri twra einai o Marco Silva


He coached like a frightened kitten against bayern but has redeemed himself with arsenal and now paok.


He made some great decisions in the last two games but his best quality so far has been his attitude on the touch line - nothing like that clown pereira.


As we have seen in the past, good form translates into confidence which can take you a long way. Oly is playing well at the moment but the hardest thing to maintain is consistency.


I don't see a lot of individual quality but this is compensated by a good togetherness.


I mentioned after the arsenal game that oly's strengths lie in its halves. They stick like glue, offering protection to the center backs who like we have seen in the past, if left alone, are always prone to conceding.


Offcourse a lot of praise goes to silva, not to mention reforming the likes of kasami. Was this guy not close to leaving in the summer?


In a week we have seen silva out coach wenger who in turn out coached van gaal.


Arsenal showed once again how lethal they can be up front. With a combination of speed and good chemistry they can destroy any defense if they allowed to go to work. This was highlighted in the different approaches silva and van gaal chose for their respective games against them.

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Well myself and a few others mention on the other forums you visit that we believe the league is improving and evolving because that is what we think. Greek teams beat Atletico, Arsenal, Juventus, Man U etc in the last year alone. Asteras looked far better than Besiktas holding them home and away easily last year.  Not all teams, but most are improving imo.


Bringing up a few positive results justifies that the league is improving? What about the decline in player quality? Also many of those sides you mention are not the sides they once were.


This arsenal is not the arsenal paok beat in 97. This juve is not juve 96. This man u is not fergie's man u.



If Greek teams can beat Tottenham, Arsenal (many times), Man U, Atletico, Juventus etc  i.e. clubs worth infinitely more - that means the league is improving. The reason people watch football is because although money is a massive factor - within the second wrung of teams - excellent managers and organisation can bring the results listed above. Atm the Greek league is boxing above its weight. Foreign coaches and technical teams have revolutionized Greek football the last 10 years.  I have been watching for over 10 years, the quality has improved massively in that time. 


It's worrying that you have been watching for the last 10 years and not realized that the quality has dropped. Tactics have changed in that time, managers with new ideas have come over but neither suggest a change in quality for the better. Player quality is the worst it has been.


Like you have mentioned, excellent managers and organization, i will add determination and grit have brought about those results. You even admit that the greek league is 'punching above its weight'. This wasn't always the case in the past. How many times has panathinaikos sent out fantastic sides? In 85, that was a truly gifted side, housing some great individuals.


Well again off topic, but..


There are many many countries who have sacrificed domestic youth for legionaries. Greece is no different to many other nations in this regard. Now that doesn't excuse our current state - but is brings it into context.  Having said this, certain teams still do a great job of developing young players, PAO, AEK, Panionios and Asteras in particular. I believe in the game against PAO this season, Panionios's starting 11 had only one non-Greek player - Boumale.  Olympiacos ordered Michel to develop Greek players as best he could. He worked hard and long with Bouxalakis, Avlonitis, Fortounis and a few others.  More can be done but I don't believe that is the reason the Greek NT is failing. I think that is more to do with the EPO - from not allowing B teams to not allowing NT coaches to pick their own assistants. 


Give me a list of great talents coming through today, and compare them to those of the past.


If our budget was the size of say Marseille's or Atletico's or even St Etienne's I would say something has gone seriously wrong for us to have not gone past a quarter final in the modern CL. Our budget usually being the lowest of each team each time in our CL group - I have to be realistic and say I expect very little. Beating (with the help of our fans) the vastly superior  Atletico, Juve, Arsenal many times, Man U, Benfica etc gives me all the thrills I need concerning the CL.


My disappoint has been against teams like Levante and Bordeaux in the Europa Cup later stages. Yes they have double the budgets of Olympiacos and at the time far better organisation.. but the way we went out left a bad taste imo.


So in excess of 20m from CL alone every season for the last 15 or so years doesn't translate into a solid budget? Okay so you have your expenses, but seriously where is all this money? If the money doesn't go into the side, that is a different issue all together.


Okay so arsenal's budget is superior but there is more than enough available to put together a great side every season.


Last 16 needs to be the expectation every season, if not because you can come across better sides, then a good showing in the europa cup. The fact that oly haven't done this suggests, failure.

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There is nothing to be proud of last week

The 1st goal was a deflection the other didn't even f.....ing crossed the line and arsenal missed a plethora of sitters. Arsenal lost the game nothing else . The gays proved nothing @@ paparies once again case closed .Ti budgets Kai m*****es

Greek soccer is for the dungeon league we don't have a right to be playing with the big boys

When direct qualification dissapears let them come and talk to me

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Guys, I agree with what you all say. But, we would take such a win over any team like Arsenal. Heck, I'd be happy if we won the same way over Brugges or Gabala.


I see dark days ahead for all Greek teams. With no good Euro presense, I can't see great players coming over, unless like Essien who maybe was thinking to come and retire.


This is the result of a decade+ of criminally managing the league. The quality went down. I'll never forgive Tzigger who didn't fight the building of the corrupt league, especially given his $$$. And, most other teams would benefit if they destroyed the rotten system that was build to benefit Oly and through Oly its sattelite teams.


I realized the decline many years ago. Yes, Greece won the Euro in 2004, but it was a bright moment that came with hard work and luck and a German coach who forced Greeks to do it his way. But, as with the Olympics, these two bright moments were wasted opportunities, ontop of wasted of billions of $$.


I also thought that the mismanagement/corruption/bad quality of the sport would damage it perhaps irrepairably. Many fans were turned away in disgust. And, for safety too. It became unsafe to take children to the game. This is how many of us got hooked. The live, personal connection mattered.

The lack of competition and the corruption turned away viewers too.


The times had changed. Young people--the future supporters--had many other options for entertainment, including several other sports. The monopoly of football was breaking down. 


Now, few people attend. TV ratings are way down. The league hasn't found a sponsor this year, etc....


Awh, it's so depressing.... -_- <_<

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to katotero protathlima pou yaprxei ,einai to elliniko leei o moras lol.

they didn't like the question "" are you motivated"" but it is a legit question,these guys are millionaires after they lost to faroe islands they were lying on a beach in mykono ,where as the fans went to their jobs if they are lucky enough to have a job in factories for below minimum wage,upset over the loss,while the millionaire players couldn't care less,thats how it comes across when you lying on a beach on Mykonos the next day..

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Atletico, Juventus, Man U, Arsenal etc are still miles stronger than Olympiacos so beating them is a sign Olympiacos has improved, especially when we beat Atletco (2014 CL Finalist), Juventus (2015 CL Finalist), Man U, Arsenal, Benfica (2014 Europa Finalist) etc within the space of two years. If PAO or AEK had done the same with the same budget, I would still be impressed. Greece has a poor league - both organisation wise and budget wise, these victories are massive, for the neutral and the Olympiacos fan. If you feel we have regressed I can assure you there was no point in our history when we were beating all these teams, in this form, in such a short space of time.

Nope, for me having super players in attack like Ribo was worth little if you had someone slow like Anatolakais at CB. For me, the Olympiacos sides of 2015 are the most strong overall we have had. We have plugged the holes instead of getting a super star and watching him run.

Brazil NT is now littered with average players that brazilians can't believe get call ups. NT products go in waves. Also those waves have nothing to do with league quality imo. Euro 2004 - we had team not of super talents - we had a working unit with a few talented players mixed in (Tsiartas, Demis etc). Xaristeas never really scored after the the tournament and most the other players lost their legs soon after. Euro 2004 was not so much about a golden generation - as a coach who could identify people who were capable of doing a job effectively and with passion. As Mourinho said after the tournament, Greece was the only country playing for their fans in 2004. 2004 confused many fans. Many non Greeks said it was fluke, untrue imo. Many Greeks said it was super talented generation, untrue imo. For me it was superb tactics, a completely dedicated team with passion and 2 or 3 genuinely talented players. For our talents to truly shine, imo, the EPO should allow B teams with rules that a high percentage of the starting 11 has to be Greek under 25s.

The team we have this year is worth over

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It's impossible not to miss the greatest player in the World regardless which other quality players a team might have.

Barcelona without Messi can't win the title as Real Madrid could not without Ronaldo. Manchester City without Aguero or / and David Silva might not even finish in the top 3 in the PL no matter how much their total squad cost to assemble.

Bayern Munich is the most balanced of all the " super " European powerhouse teams at the moment.

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