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Unfortunately the egos involved won't make this possible. We know that when several big $$ guys were involved a few years back they couldn't agree on anything. Yes, they got the team to win a double, but they wasted a ton of money, and in essence left nothing behind but big debts.

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Yes didn't post much on the site just been reading the news.

To be honest I have been busy with my two boys and work really

I still collect kits for me and now my boys

The thing that bothers me the most is that I don't think my boys will see Pao play in CL like I did when I was a kid with my dad. Against teams like Barca ManU and Juve :(

In Australia they don't really show much on TV the Greek league. On the plus side my boys watch Pao in the Euro League but it's not exactly the same.

At least they can say they have been to Leoforos :)

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Here I am too! 

On this site that everything started almost two decades ago!

I was in these forums as TAKIS!

There are still posts by me from that time ago!

I want to ask Cocksta to open a thead for PAS LAMIA in the B' Ethiki forum!

Thanks and good to see all you guys in this place! 

Good posting to everyone!

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