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Hungary V Greece (Euro 2016 Qualifier)


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Managed to catch this one so I'll throw in my 2 cents:


I thought we showed a little more fight this time around; maybe it was the new manager, maybe it was having a few more fit players, heck maybe it was just desperation. Whatever the reason, things looked a little more lively and inspired out there than they have probably since Brazil. 


That said, we're still so horrifically poor in possession in the final third it is unbelievable. Poor decisions, poor movement, poor final ball... In short, we are easy to defend against, even for the likes of Hungary, N. Ireland, Romania, etc. 


Doom and gloom aside, there were at least a few positives out there: Fetfatzidis is a gem and we need him in the 11 every single time; RF or CAM doesn't matter just get him in there and let him do his thing. Papadopoulos as DM may be an experiment worth continuing if he accepts his role and continues to grow into it. I liked what I saw from Torosidis and Stafylidis, and no complaints about our CB pairing.


Hope we can get a friendly in before our next game and see a little more of KPaps in the midfield, along with maybe Taxi/Samaris in a 4-2-3-1 perhaps? 

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