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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year


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I just want to wish everyone on the forum A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


?Although I haven't  been a member that long , I found some of the topics quite interesting, especially the ones to do with TV, what Greek  channels where available in the US, & Australia as such. In any case I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Christmas & New Years.














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Happy New Year fellow Phantis members!


All the best for 2015, may the New Year bring Health, Happiness and Peace to everyone!! :tup:


Also, I hope the new year will see a resurgence in the level of discussion on the forums, this place has been very quiet for a long time now.



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Happy New Year folks!  Greeks are still cutting vasilopita, and the Chinese new year isn't here yet.


I have some drachmas left from years past, do you think they'll worth something this year?...


Today is the birth of the modern drachma, which replaced the phoenix in 1883.   

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