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New Greek Packages On Bell Fibe

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It looks like Bell Fibe(not sure about Bell Sat)have made "New Greek Packages.



OTN(Ant1)(by itself



Greek Combo(old)



ERT(Greek Cinema)


CHIR(new was added Thursday Oct 16/14)


Greek Combo(new)





Star Channel



Add ons


Mega Cosmo





ERT(Greek Cinema)

Mad World



Not sure if there worth the cost? I'm not sure if the Old Combo is still available to new subs or not?


So in the old one you keep CHTO & Greek Cinema and gain CHIR, but in  the new combo package you loose CHTO & Greek Cinema, but gain CHIR,RIK SAT & Star Channel.


Notice you can't get RIK SAT & Star Channel as add ons only 4E TV from the new channels added recently? 


The way Bell has placed the channels assuming they remap the others in the 2000's range it appears that more Greek Channels may be on the way?



This only a guess and not saying this is how it will look like but I think at some point it may look like this:


2760 4E TV

2761 RIK SAT

2762 Star Channel

2763 SKAI

2764 ALPHA

2765 MEGA

2766 ANT 1(OTN)

2767 NERIT(if it comes back)

2769 Greek Cinema

2771 Sports Plus(If gets approved by the CRTC)

2772 Super Sports FM(Maybe?)

2774 Mad World

2776 ANTENNA Radio(Maybe?)

2777 RYTHMOS FM(Maybe?)

2778 CHTO

2779 CHIR



That's only a guess it what might look like iof the ones presently not available in Canada if they  come here.

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Where did you get this information about new packages, they are not listed on Bell's website?!


The new combo is crap IMO, why are they forcing you to subscribe to all those niche channels that most people probably won't be interested in?!  Is MEGA Cosmos an add-on to the combo or can you combine it with OTN, allowing you to subscribe only to those two channels?!


I wonder if they will make any changes with the channels on Bell satellite, I hope they get rid of ERT World/Greek Cinema and add Alpha Sat.  I have a feeling that they might drop ERT World and not add anything, leaving just ANT1 & MEGA on satellite and forcing you to get Fibe if you want other channels?!

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When I go to my account for programming I can change it.



As for Mega Cosmos I'm not sure if you can just get it with OTN or not?


On the info I got from that link it has OTN list as $7.00 in the Greek Combo(new one)and the others have no price under them.


Greek Cinema is listed as $5.


I'm not sure if the old combo packafew is still available or not but I think it is but not sure on that.


As for Bell Sat, I don't think you'll see these new channels. I wouldn't even be surprised if they drop all the Greek Channels. It appears BTV is dropping their ethnic services from BTV and having you go to Bell Fibe.


My mother only subs to 3 channels now. OTN,Mega & Greek Cinema(she likes the movies). she dropped SKAI & Alpha.


It should be noted that Greek Cinema is now available on Rogers Cable CH# 666  :evil: I know WHAT THE  :xxx: putting it on the sign of the beast!!!


But like I said I have a feeling more Greek channels are on their way NERT? Sports Plus and maybe those Radio stations that are on Dish because the way Bell Fibe has the channels listed 2760-2779, that's 20 channels and if you see my list they fit just perfectly?

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I'm not sure if the old combo packafew is still available or not but I think it is but not sure on that.


The old combo might remain for those who currently subscribe to it (grandfathered) but for new subscribers you will probably only have access to the new combo.




As for Bell Sat, I don't think you'll see these new channels. I wouldn't even be surprised if they drop all the Greek Channels. It appears BTV is dropping their ethnic services from BTV and having you go to Bell Fibe


You definitely won't see any of the new channels on satellite but they also will not be getting rid of the ones they currently carry.  Bell TV is a national service, those who live in other parts of Canada only have access to OTN so Bell TV is the only way they can watch MEGA Cosmos and Greek Cinema.  Also, there are many parts of Ontario where Fibe TV is not available and in some cases never will be- this service will only be available in big cities, satellite will serve the smaller cities and towns as well as rural areas.


Bell recently dropped some Chinese channels from the satellite service, probably because they didn't have many subscribers, however I see no sign that they plan to drop all their ethnic channels?!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Bell has updated their website with the programming changes to the Greek channels, I do not like the new 'Greek Combo' at all, not sure what they were thinking?!  Good thing I am a satellite customer, I have no desire now to switch to Fibe as this new combo makes things more expensive and you are also forced to pay for channels you don't want- how many are going to be interested in PIK Sat, Skai or Star International?!  I get ANT1 Satellite & MEGA Cosmos on satellite which is good enough, wish I had Alpha Sat as well but that will never happen.


EDIT: MCIBUS is CHTO Radio still available on Fibe, its not listed on Bell's website?!

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Yup, still there at 892. The newest Greek Station was added was Greek Radio station CHIR at CN# 2779. I'm guessing at some point Bell Fibe is going to do a channel re-alinement to put all there ethnic services together. At present the Greek,Russian, and couple of other ethnic services have channels located in different section of the line up. For the Greek ones Bell has left space in the 2000's range.


At present Fibe has it like this:


652 SKAI

653 Mad World 

Skips to

888 MEGA

889 ANT 1

890 Greek Cinema

891 Alpha

892 CHTO

Skips to

2760 4E

2761 RIK SAT

2762 Star International

Skips to

2779 CHIR


So I'm assuming the way Fibe has set it up,so that they could possibly carry 20 Greek Channels. Now if you put the ones at 652,3,888-892 in the 2760-2779 range  that leaves 9 spaces open and assuming they add Sports Plus & NERT, that leaves you 7 spots left.If you add the 3 radio stations on Dish(Greek ones) that leaves you with 4 spots left.I'm not sure why they haven't added the Greek Radio Station from Montreal?


But I can see this happening.


Bell Fibe seems to want to add every single ethnic services to get the ethnic subs to compete with Rogers,Videotron & Coegeco.

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 I had dropped  the Greek channels I sub to for my mother as she was in the hospital for sometime and is getting out this Friday. It appears, they've changed the way they charge for International channels. You no longer need to sub to OTN(ANTENNA 1) to get the other channels. Here the break down of the channels(wait till you see how they've done it  :rolleyes: )


Greek Combo $45 (includes all 12 channels)


CHTO 1690 AM radio

CHIR Greek Radio



ERT(aka Greek Cinema)

GMC(Greek Music Channel)


OTN(Atenna 1)



Star Channel

Sports Plus


Now you can get each individually with out having to sub to OTN!!!


Cost for each:  (radio stations are not available by themselves only in the Greek Combo)




ERT(Greek Cinema)




Star Channel



Sports Plus




OTN(Attenna 1)



So depending on what you want to watch picking the combo package might be the best.


For me my mother basically  just watches 


NGTV for the church on Sundays-$4

Greek Cinema-$4





So for $45 for 4 channels, if I get the combo pay the same price and get everything. I guess I'll be getting the combo for her.


I'm not sure when this all changed but I guess I gert Spoorts Plus as bonus.


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I don't actually watch the channels except for Sportsplus, all the other ones are for my mother. If my mother wasn't living with me I wouldn't have sub to them, I only sub to them for my mother which is elderly (87 years old)and I take care of her.


With Mega possibly shutting down, I'm wondering how this ewill effect North American feed? As both Dish & majority of the cable/sat/IPTV providers carry the channel?


I can't comment on other providers in Canada, but for Bell Fibe if they where take all the Greek channels, they presently have and grouped them all together(2000's{2760-2779} which some are) the would still have room for 8 more Greek channels?



Now I don't know what the plans are for Greek channels in the US or Canada or at least Canada, but its possible we may get some of those "new ones" if licence?


Will ERT return?


The thing with Bell Fibe(which I have) they seem to add (or at least 98%)ethnic services licence in CANADA, so assuming 2 new ones get licenced its a good chance they may show up in Canada?


The only 3 companies that I'm aware of that would sponsor them would be


Ethnic Channel Group


Odyssey Group(the owner are m#$%!S!!!)  

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