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Greece - Ivory Coast


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My heart says yes. I want to believe yes. It would be so amazing to suddenly see a dramatic change in the way way this team plays, and deep down there is a glimmer of (false) hope that this will somehow miraculously happen on Tuesday. Unfortunately, out NT's performance in the last two games is a good indicator of what to realistically expect. Ivory Coast is not Russia in 2010. This team is very energetic and aggressive in attack. They will eat us alive on Tuesday. Can you realistically see out NT even putting away any goals? Our team has no offensive capability. Santos' strategy (if you can call it that) seems to be blunting our opponents play/attack in the midfield, and relying on our defensive wingmen for offense; which has been burning us on the counterattack as it leaves our flanks completely exposed. We are basically playing a 5-4-1 that looks like a. 4-5-1/4-3-3 on paper (look at the formation charts on fifa's website). We need to instead push our midfielders forward and use them more offensively in tandem with our strikers. We should have two strikers up front (not one point man). The whole strategem reeks of weakness and lack of confidence in the team. kind of feel bad for Gekas for getting so much flack, as he had been mostly left isolated in the front for most of the times he's been on the pitch. The few chances he missed were awful, but there is not much a lone striker can do if he is left isolated in no man's land just waiting for that 1 lucky chance. Just my 2 cents. I could be wrong.

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as, good points.


the personnel are not "build an attack" type ....the term "sometimes the best defense is a good offense" is very true in soccer.......the more guys you bring forward the LESS guys the other team pushes into your offensive zone...we we play 10 men back we basically give the other team the red carpet into our penalty area AND they don't fear doing this because WE don't threaten any offensive initiative....we just kinda counter here and there....


I dont say we can play brazilian type ball. but when we went down to clombia we started pushing more on the offense and what happened? a deflection goal off two players on a corner and, a late "this game is over anyway" lazy play on our end.........


look at japan...we have several real good chances with ten men...but you could see clearly that we packed the back and let japan control midflied and keeping them wide.....


so i think we CAN play a little bit differently if we use the correct formation and we abandon the "play not to lose" mentality......


we can beat the ivory coast...i really dont think it should be a surprise....forget about costa rica and a few of the unexpected results....if we play the correct tactics and just keep them back by applying more offensive pressure, there is not reason we can t win this game, and convincingly.....if we won 3-1 i would not be surprised at all.......we simply have not played a good game yet....that goes to tactics and collective effort....

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Read the above article and, I must say, I love the writer's lineup:


DEFENCE (from right to left): Torosidis, Manolas, Papastathopoulos, Tzavellas.
MIDFIELD: Fetfatzidis, Kone, Maniatis, Christodoulopoulos, Holebas.
FORWARD: Samaras

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u know, u gotta love the USA....here is a team comprised of a bunch of decent players all thrown together by an egomaniacal german coach who really believe they can beat germany.  They are going to go into that game and with no fear and, will push it offensively without any reservation whatsoever.......u think they are gonna park 10 guys in front of the goal like we did in the euro.....? 


do they have better players or footballing tradition than we do?   wht cant our team approach their games with that instinct...


this is precisely the difference between this santos team and everyone else......i agree, play to your strengths, but this team has accomplished what it has IN SPITE of santos....he really does make some bizarre decisions.....

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According to http://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/skeftetai_samara_for_kai_lazaro_aristera.2861180.html

Greece will play as follows:



Torosidis, Papastathopoulos, Manolas, Holebas

Kone, Maniatis, Karagounis

Salpingidis, Samaras, Christodoulopoulos


Why not play Tzavellas - in place of Holebas - as he is a better defender?

Why not play Holebas - in place of Karagounis - as he is younger and will do better in the heat of Fortaleza?

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Also, why play Salpingidis? As much as I like the fellow, he does not have the conditioning and stamina to play under hot weather conditions. He had his tongue (nearly) hanging out in the first game against the fast-paced Colombians. Life is not going to be easier for him against the Ivorians. Give Fetfa a real chance.

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A bit of side news: Colombia coach Jose Pekerman intends to rest a couple of his starters v. Japan as his team has already qualified.

Greece need Colombia to win or draw so I hope the subs will do the job!

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colombia's subs are ok......they have much to prove, everyone including scouts, etc. are watching so i dont worry about their  subs.besides the regulars dont wanna get hurt either so i doubt their effort will be as intense as the subs....


what i do worry about is greece parking the bus again like they always do...if they come out like that then expect maore of the same.

if they come out as if they are already down 2-0, then they can win this game at least 2-1, if not 3-1....


its tactics relevant to your opponent...if we sit back we play DIRECTLY into their hands as all they do is push forward....the best DEFENSE is for us to push forward....keep them honest and keep them back so they run more, their rhythym is disrupted, they need to spend more energy defending, and they have to deal with an unexpected game plan....


u cant sit back against these types of teams..u must dictate the pace and rhythym of the game by imposing your will and controlling the tempo

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i really don't like maniatis, he's just a converted right back who's only value to the squad is as back up to torosidis, i can't believe he plays every game in our midfield. not optimistic tonight, fetfatzidis should be playing in what is a must win game and question marks remain about holebas, we were lucky japan didn't attack down his side and playing him LM for me is not an option as his crossing is questionable. 

i hope we can contain toure and drogba but i'm not optimistic. 

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i have not seen much from him either (maniatis).


if you dont allow fet to create he is useless, as we saw in the last game....the article i posted describes his misuse perfectly.


again, santos tactical acumen is very very suspect.  why u bring guys like samaris, taksidis, tzavellas, fet, christo - promising young guys who have lungs and legs who can withstand the weather conditions - why bring them if u dont use them?


i dont know what got into him to use kone, who i think, after torosdis has been our most consistent and threatening player.....but that was a good move....

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1 Karnezis(GK)

2 Maniatis

4 Manolas

7 Samaras

8 Kone

10 Karagounis(Captain)

14 Salpingidis

15 Torosidis

16 Christodoulopoulos

19 Papastathopoulos

20 Holebas




12 Glykos(GK)

13 Kapinos(GK)

3 Tzavellas

5 Moras

6 Tziolis

9 Mitroglou

11 Vyntra

17 Gkekas

18 Fetfatzidis

22 Samaris

23 Tachtsidis

21 Katsouranis(suspended)



Manager: Fernando Santos(POR)

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1 Barry(GK)

3 Boka

4 K. Toure

8 Kalou

9 Tiote

10 Gervinho

11 Drogba(Captain)

17 Aurier

19 Y. Toure

20 Die

22 Bamba




16 Gbohouo(GK)

23 Sayouba(GK)

2 Viera

6 Bolly

7 Akpa

12 Bony

13 Ya

14 Diomande

15 Gradel

18 Djakpa

21 Sio

5 Zokora(suspended)


Manager: Sabri Lamouchi(FRA)

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