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Greece V Liechtenstein


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Greece will win but Bosnia will probably pull out their game as well.

I don't think that would be a bad thing in the long run. Greece needs to be playing better as a team and the extra two games will help them do that.

If they can't , then they go home.

I don't want Greece to back into the tournament and then go to Brazil for a vacation. We've seen bad (or unprepared) Greek teams play before....it's ugly.

Two hard played games will kee the team focused. This is the best for them in the longer term.


Mitroglou needs to get on track. He's a beast up front but he needs to learn how to finish.

Younger players need to take on bigger roles. Kats and Kara should be subs at the most and not full time players.

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Almost doesn't matter what happens in Piraeus in 10 and a half hours. All eyes are on Lithuania-Bosnia, and I have a bad feeling both us and the Bosnians will win. We really should have won this group easily.

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what a bizarre line up, i think santos has gone senile, no papastathopoulos and no torosidis i think katsouranis is gonna play in defence here's my interpretation 

Karnezis - Vyntra Katsouranis Siovas Holebas - Salpingidis Karagounis Tziolis Kone - Samaras Mitroglou


torosidis manolas and papastathopoulos have been dropped for some strange reason, no ninis tachtsidis or fetfa.

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1 Karnezis(GK)

5 Siovas

6 Tziolis

7 Samaras

8 Kone

9 Mitroglou

10 Karagounis(Captain)

11 Vyntra

14 Salpingidis

20 Holebas

21 Katsouranis




12 Kapinos(GK)

13 Sifakis(GK)

2 Samaris

3 Tzavellas

4 Manolas

15 Torosidis

16 Christodoulopoulos

17 Athanasiadis

18 Ninis

19 Papastathopoulos

22 Fetfatzidis

23 Tachtsidis


Manager: Fernando Santos(POR)

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1 Jehle(GK)

3 Oehri

4 Kaufmann

6 Stocklasa(Captain)

7 D. Hasler

11 Burgmeier

14 B. Christen

18 N. Hasler

19 M. Christen

20 Wieser

23 Polverino




12 Bicer(GK)

2 Macri

5 Quintans

8 Gubser

10 Frick

16 Erne

17 Guer

21 Yildiz

22 Eris


Manager: Rene Paurtisch(AUT)

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Bosnia is still tied at 0-0. Greece is hoping it will stay that way.


We do have a terrible team though. I don't think we deserve going to Brazil with a team like this.

its funny 12 months ago we looked really good, like we were going places now santos is less adventurous and we look terrible, have done for the last few games.

samaris on for kone why not tachtsidis???????????? we've been winning despite santos

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48' Did I already say this? Mitroglou is useless! How does a guy like this score all the goals for Olympiakos? Or is that his twin brother playing there?

Maybe it's not Mitroglou, maybe it's Santos that is using him the wrong way. Either way, he does not seem to belong on this team.

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