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New Season, 2013-2014


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We played our first game for the new season back in our own old home.  Did anyone watch the whole game. I had connection issues so I watched few minutes here and there.


This is a new team. I don't even know the names of several players. But, from what I saw this team moves better than many in the past years. Bigger names, more experienced players don't necessarily make a better team. We couldn't string 2-3 passes together in the recent past. Some players didn't even run on the pitch.


So, maybe there's ground for optimism. Of course, I understand that we didn't play a strong team and that we got to score very early that made it even easier.


The video shows that it was a clear penalty as our guy's jersey is almost torn by the defender pulling it. Also, the red card was warranted. Last defender stops  by foul our guy who has an opportunity to score.


Well, let's see if the team gels even more--which I think it will. Too many players came late and we had the younger ones playing with the national team.


As for Leoforos, you see how a dozen thousand fans make it a strong home field whereas the same fans would disappear in OAKA. It also helps that the fans are very close to the pitch.

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That was only one match with a rather easy opponent.

The real test will be against mid- or top-level clubs at home and away.

I agree. I was comparing this team to our past teams, going back to Schum, when they couldn't string passes together, wouldn't press, wouldn't run, etc.  I believe that success comes not only from talent but from the internal culture of an organization--how the team members gell, the work ethos, etc.

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So after 3 games played this new season, two at Leoforos, PAO has gotten 4 out of 9 possible points, with 3-4 goals. Not good.


Yet, I think this season is going to be far better than the last, which of course, may be easy to say since we had one of our worst ever!


I think there are 2-3 new players who haven't played yet, and another 3-4 who haven't intergrated yet. We'll probably see a better team after the break.


I watched the game against Veroia and it was boring. Good ball possession but no creativity, very mild presence in the Veroia's box, and many mistakes in the defense.

Even Zeca sucked, and he's a veteral by now.

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Today, PAO beat Asteras (2-1) and it's the first time to put 3 wins together.

I saw some of the last 2 games, and I can say the team is getting better.  Finally Berg and now Figueroa are clicking to produce some needed offense. Our weakeness is the defense. Too many and easy mistakes. Kapino isn't Karnezis yet (?).


Unfortunately, next Sunday the team travels to Touba to play PAOK and obviously we're not ready.


PAO must get though Ergotelis in the cup and hope for the best.

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