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FYI for my fellow Canucks,


Alpha Sat is now available here on Rogers Cable & Videotron Cable.  I am still trying to figure out whether it is OTN who has replaced the now-defunct ERT World with Alpha Sat or the providers have made the change?!  Bell TV/Bell Fibe have not added Alpha Sat to their lineup, they still offer OTN2 (which used to be ERT World) which is currently airing programming from Greek Cinema.  I would guess that OTN & Bell have not been able to reach an agreement for the carriage of Alpha Sat which is why those of us on Bell are stuck watching old black and white movies from the 50's.


I thought Greek Cinema is supposed to air both old and new Greek films, all I have seen is old black and white movies- does this channel not air any newer films?!


I find it interesting that Videotron added Alpha Sat instead of MEGA Cosmos which would have been my choice if I were in charge as MEGA is more popular and will bring in more subscribers than Alpha Sat.  OTN has put out a full page ad in local Greek papers promoting the launch of Alpha Sat.


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Some updates to the info I posted above,


Alpha Sat will launching on Bell Fibe at the end of this month, it will not be available on Bell Satellite however.  Greek Cinema programming will continue to air on OTN2 (ERT World) until the new NERIT service launches at which time it will replace Greek Cinema.  Rogers will be adding the new ERT when it launches, no word if Videotron will be adding it as well- they have not added any new multicultural channels in many years so I would say its doubtful that either New ERT or MEGA will be added.

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Looks like you guys got Alpha Sat at the right time. Spiros Papadopoulos signed to Alpha and is moving his show there next month. At least it is something familiar to the Omogenia missing ERT World.

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Hey guys. A Phantis visitor contacted me with a question. They did not want to join the forum yet. So, I'm posting the question here and telling this individual to check this area for answers - that's if you have any. Thanks.

Hello Lazarus,

I am not sure if you can help, but I had seen some comments on your website regarding the Greek television channel Alpha Sat.

This channel is available here in Toronto to customers that subscribe to either Rogers Cable or Videotron. I do not subscribe to either of these two cable television providers; rather, I subscribe to Bell and am wondering if Alpha Sat will be available through Bell any time soon.

I have contacted Odyssey Television Network (OTN), the Greek channel provider here in Canada, who advised me that Alpha Sat would be available on October 18. It is now the 23rd, and nothing yet.

I also contacted Bell, however, they are not aware of any agreement with OTN.

Kindly advise if you can help, or perhaps advise who I should contact.
I appreciate your assistance with this.

Best regards,

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