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New Coach For Pao In The 2012-2013 Season


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Wait, this is a new topic, even though we've seen this headline 4 times this season!!!!


So, Vonortas will replace whatshisname (we won't remember this guy in the years to come) until the end of the season.... a season that will end without the team reaching the playoffs and a Euro berth!  I reckon this has been the worst season ever.  Funny, we never thought things would be get so much worse in the awful years--too many to count....


Well, there are no more targets for this team. I know there's a mathematical chance to make the playoffs, but so what? Do you think starting at 4th place with a handicap of many points and a very unreliable team could possibly give PAO a chance at euro play? :tdown:


So, what are you doing for Easter? B)

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Hmmm... there was a time PAO were sacking successful coaches (Shum, Markarian). Is it any wonder the likes of Fabri are gone within a fortnight or so?

Who would you like to see head PAO or does it matter? I mean: is a cook only as good as his ingredients?

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at this point, given the "plan" of the team to develop young greek players and mix them with young foreigners and a handful of experienced guys,   we need to go with someone who knows the league, the players, the youth, the system etc.  its funny how we hire a coach, fire him, then replace him after another coach with the original managers assistant.  its comical really.  i believe we should have stuck with rocha and never gone with fabri, a man who did not know our players, our league, our history and our current state. 


anastasiou has been rumoured, as has tsioli who has had a great season with asteras.  my ideal hope is that doni leaves paok over the summer and comes to us.  chances are very very slim as despite the guff from the fans about the whole garcia issue, savvidis is determined to keep doni.  for me, he is currently the best greek manager at the moment and better yet,  he is one of us.  


a foreign coach w/o history in greece is a waste of time.  if our plan is to develop young players, then build around that concept 

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Imho, Tsiolis is the best Greek coach at the moment and I think he could really help Pao if they were able to land him. Donis is good too, but for me Tsiolis seems to know how to get his players motivated and plays a system that is right for the team's chemistry.


But lets be honest and clear. Pao and all teams, need a good and stable ownership and a good run management of the team all year around. If the players are always distracted as to when/if they are going to get paid, they will not perform well regardless of who is coaching.


Unfortunately, they let go of too many starting players from the team. Katsouranis, Lazaros, Ninis, Vintra etc. Karagounis was "too old" to play for 90 minutes for Pao, but now he plays every week with Fulham in the premier league. Its a shame really.


Sorry for going a bit off topic, but getting a former player to coach the team and going more into the youth movement with some veterans is the right direction I believe for Pao.

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