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I just heard that PAO lost to Panthrakikos 1-0 in a game of many lost chances and an old PAO striker, Papadopoulos, scored the winning goal.

I didn't watch the game, and I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

For the last 2 years I've been saying that this team has a big frikin problem. It must be the internal culture that must be poisonous. Yes, the league sucks, the refs are not good, and PAO has been treated unfairly. However, I cannot say this club is a great club like it used to be when I was ..young.

Ferreira never won my admiration, only my tentative support as the coach. But, he's not good for PAO. In the last 2+ years he has failed repeatedly. We're told he knows football and works long-term, etc, etc. Tell me, what has he done differently or what has he built to last?

The whole club is mainly about excuses and chronic complaints. With the exception of a year or two, PAO has been in the wasteland of Greek football and from a great club it has been the outsider. Bad managers all around.

As for the coaching, from one failure to the next, like our goals every season; The current coach was not prepared in many games, especially the ones that mattered, Ferreira did not set up the team properly. He did not read the opposition correctly. No, he can't help if the players miss open netters, but the way he sets up the team matters. Wasted whole halves, no plan, no urgency. Then he subed the wrong players while insisting on those who can't produce.

Last year his whole plan was Leto. This year is Sissoko, and maybe Lazaros. This reminds me of my youth when on occasion we filled an 11 player roster with just warm bodies and relied on 2-3 good players to beat the other team that was doing the same.

I do not want to hear about the financial problems and the players we lost. Look at the other teams, look at Atromitos last year. All have had much smaller budget and no big shot players.

Our team needs a new coach to shake things up. Bring someone one who knows the league. PAO's main focus should be to be competitive domestically. Sad, sad truth. Forget Europe. We beat the fourth-rate Scottish team and lost to a mediocre one. In the return game at home, Ferreira, down 2-0 in the aggregate, was vying for a tie.... Tsk.

Anyway, enough of this rant...

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Yes, the team needs to find ways to score and Quincy can be helpful. This is evident since last season after Leto stopped playing. However, this is not the only problem. Against Malaga (and not only) we didn't have 1 attempt on goal!!!

We get plenty of chances against lesser teams and we don't score. This can be fixed, but the other problems are endemic.

But, think, Cisse, Leto, now Lazaros/Sissoco are Ferreira's system.... Bet everything on one player!

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Cisse and Leto were players chosen under a regime that had money . Ferreira recieved these two Lazaros&Sissoco only because PAO can only afford these guys at this moment. The team is in shambles and no coach unless they are from leagues beneath ours would come to a league that still fixes games but due to economic times no one will be tried in court for fixing games so the farse of a league will continue as is.

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This season's gonna be a walkover for Olympiacos.. Sad but true..

They seem to be the only team without any financial issues.. AEK lost half -perhaps more- of its squad, PAO has only its name left, thanks to an unending series of crappy managements, while PAOK is err, PAOK, I mean they will find a way to lose everything anyway..

It's so hurtful to see that a PAO team having the likes of Karagounis, Cisse, Tzorvas, Leto, Ninis and Sarriegi who were at least something of a match to an ageing Galatasaray team two-and-a-half years ago have shrinked to the levels of Fornaroli, Barbaruses, Habib Sow and ever-so-fringe Lazaros! The same goes for AEK, too but they are an entirely different story, since it takes more than some idiocracy to go near-bankrupt thrice in eight years!!

So so sad.. :(

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