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2012 London Olympics


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  • 2 months later...

Thanks to doping two Greek track and field athletes move up one place in their standings.

Spyros Lebesis who finished 7th in javelin throw moves to 6th place after silver medal winner Alekxandr Piantnica was stripped of his medal. New official standings in javelin throw:

1. Κέσχορν Γουόλκοτ (Τρίνιταντ & Τομπάγκο) 84.58    
2. Άντι Ρουουσκάνεν (Φινλανδία)            84.12
3. Βίτεζλαβ Βέσελι (Τσεχία)                83.34
4. Τέρο Πιτκαμάκι (Φινλανδία)              82.80
5. Αντρέας Τόρκιλντσεν (Νορβηγία)          82.63
6. Σπύρος Λεμπέσης (Ελλάδα)                81.91

Kostas Filippidis also moves to 6th place after Russian pole vaulter Dimitri Starodumcev was removed from the standings (finished 4th). New official standings are:

1. Ρενό Λαβιλενί (Γαλλία)            5.97  -Ολυμπιακό ρεκόρ-
2. Μπιορν Οτο (Γερμανία)             5.91
3. Ράφαελ Χολτσντέπε (Γερμανία)      5.91
4= Στίβεν Λιούις (Μ. Βρετανία)       5.75
4= Εβγκένι Λουκιανένκο (Ρωσία)       5.75
6. Κώστας Φιλιππίδης (Ελλάδα)        5.65


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  • 4 weeks later...

Another 5 busted "athletes" added to the list of frauds from London 2012:

- Maria Bespalova (Russia) - hammer 

- Goelfia Tsjanafejeva(Russia) - hammer

- Victoria Valjoekevitsj (Russia) - triple jump

- Chazjimoerat Akkajev (Russia) - weightlifting

- Gamze Bulut (Turkey) - 1.500 m gold medal winner.

The Ruski's were busted on the anabolic steroid Turinabol.

Bulut who, originally won silver but got gold after her winning landswoman Cakir was caught with doping too, lost her medal because of suspicious fluctuations in her biological passport.

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