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let's gett'em today..

leave it all on the pitch...whatever the result....if u not good enough, u not good enough...that cant change....hustle, fight, focus, passion, pride...those CAN be controlled...

enjoy the game everyone....dont be surprised if we pull this one out....we have gotten ZERO breaks....had three against us...and have not yet played anywhere near a complete game...

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Well I have to miss the game today, but I thought I'd forward this link.

From the TSN website


Looks like Santos will make some changes, but from the comments I can't really figure out what those will be. Well, at least there will be more speed at goal with Chalkias out.

Good luck today Greece!

Greece coach Fernando Santos has hinted that he will make changes to his starting lineup.

"There is a problem with speed, not in running but in reacting," said Santos. "That's the biggest problem we're facing, because that is something players learn young: How to react in a tight space."

Key central defender Sokrakis Papastathopoulos will return from suspension for the Russia game. But goalkeeper Costas Chalkias has been ruled out with a left thigh injury, adding to their problems with injured defender Avraam Papadopoulos already withdrawn from the tournament.

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As Euro and some others have pointed out changes to the lineup are very much warranted, hell, they are imperative if we are to have a chance at advancing. Kargiozi and Katsourani should be nothing but bench warmers!

I am numb to today's game because I don't know which team will show up, the fighters, or will it be once more the lazy a$$e$. Numb but I can be awakened. :gr: :gr: :gr:

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A couple of friends whom I haven't heard from in years have come back to wish the national team good luck. :tup:

We are all in this together. Those 11 on the pitch will be representing the diaspora Greeks as well as those in the fatherland that have had so little to cheer about these last couple of years.

Guys, we cannot demand a win from you as we all saw how powerful Russia can be. What we want is your best effort: that Greek spirit that knows since antiquity how to fight on despite the odds. Give us that and may God be with you for every one of those 90 minutes! :)

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Well unfortunately we should expect him to start Kara...if it were up to me he wouldn't be on the team. But even if he does start him and Kats, if he plays Ninis and Fetfa in front of them then we still have a good chance. He spoke about the problem the team has had w/ speed; obviously playing Fetfa would solve that! I mean come on.

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greece line up

13 M. Sifakis

15 V. Torosidis

5 K. Papadopoulos

19 S. Papastathopoulos

2 G. Tzavelas

3 G. Maniatis

10 G. Karagounis

21 K. Katsouranis

7 G. Samaras

17 D. Salpingidis

14 T. Gekas

happy with the line up but would have liked to have seen fetfa/fortounis instead of karagounis in a 4-4-2 system.

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Good luck to our Greek National team, some bad calls have been made against us in Euro 2012, but it now rests in their hands, if they show up to play from the start this team has a good chance for a good result and the right to move past the group stage :box:

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13 Sifakis(GK)

2 Maniatis

3 Tzavellas

5 Papadopoulos

15 Torosidis

19 Papastathopoulos

10 Karagounis(Captain)

21 Katsouranis

7 Samaras

14 Salpingidis

17 Gkekas


1 Chalkias(GK)

12 Tzorvas(GK)

4 Malezas

20 Holebas

6 Makos

16 Fotakis

18 Ninis

22 Fortounis

23 Fetfatzidis

9 Lyberopoulos

11 Mitroglou

Manager: Fernando Santos(POR)

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16 Malafeev(GK)

2 Anyukov

4 Ignashevich

5 Zhirkov

12 Berezutsky

6 Shirokov

7 Denisov

17 Dzagoev

22 Glushakov

10 Arshavin(Captain)

11 Kerzhakov


1 Akinfeev(GK)

13 Shunin(GK)

3 Sharonov

19 Granat

21 Nabakin

9 Izmailov

15 Kombarov

23 Semshov

14 Pavlyuchenko

20 Pogrebnyak

Manager: Dick Advocaat(NED)

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