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Well, regardless of standings, it's a derby. Stupid PAO that couldn't get just 1 point in the last 2 games to control their own fate. Nevertheless, with a win there will be excitement until the end since only 1 point will seperate the two clubs. Otherwise, it's all over.

I'm happy I don't hear the same garbage by our players (and others) that "sure we'll win all the next games and the championship".... as they were saying not so long ago. They really have to play 110% to have a chance beating gavroi.

It's up to the players to realize what club they're playing for and to give it all. Ferreira isn't the coach we hoped he'd be, so I don't expect any check-mate moves.

If PAO doesn't walk in the first half and gavroi don't score first, the greens may come up ahead.

I'm starting St Pat's celebrations early (Green Day is Sat 3/17) :P

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Thanks, I guess.... :blink:

I couldn't believe what Katsou said yesterday in an interview.. That the players didn't have passion ..why they lost the last 2 games! Wha?????!!!!

Obviously other factors were more important in losing those games, but it's very interesting to hear that the player didn't go in there with the proper attitude. And, attitude is something a player can control. Very disappointing.

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Like last year,

PAO depended too much on a single player to make the difference.

When that player is injured PAO is 70% at best.

Leto and Boumsong are still out today. Ninis injured since Israel.

This team has overachieved, due to Fereira.

They will need to do that again today.

Best surprise have been Kapino/Karnezis.

Karagounis / Katsouranis must provide leadership and passion.

Marinos, Quincy, Simao strength.

Zeka and Clayton technique...

Karnezis needs to be a "wall" today.

Who will be the one today to make the difference?

Mr Kako:

Stay out of the headlines, PLEASE! :gr:


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First half's over. Nowhere for PAO to go past the midfield. Can't find paths to Meyeri's box. Oly has better running corridors up front.

other than waiting for Oly to get tired, I don't see PAO having any plan, or at least, nothing else is working.

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This is a manifestation of a system that can't be reformed, because those in charge don't want or are incompetent. Obviously, there's a segment of people who express themselves via violence. It's insane that the sport is held hostage to hooligans.

This is barbaric....

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At around 83' Ferreira will throw in one more ... Toche or Cleyton?

With better weather coming, I think I'm going to enjoy my Sundays more than watching these games.... after today, it'll be over. Wake me up around the playoffs if there's a league left by then. :whistle:

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