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i could get into a heavy conversation about this but the fact of the matter is that the government is/has been terrible at REGULATION. this is true in most aspect of greek economy, politics and society. generally there is very poor forward thinking/ planning and regulating.

there is a great fear about foreigners coming in and investing in our league and country in general, however, with the proper regulation, planning and qualifying, the country can balance these fears...but these were never our forte and there is added fear now that we are in more disaray, politically and economically.

we are being marginalised, as we speak it is happening, even 5-10 years ago it began happening, but our government was unable and unwilling to do anything about it.

i dont want to get too far into a political/economic discussion in this forum, but there is , in my eyes some hope. we are demoralized right now as a people but once we regain some confidence (which we will eventually) we will survive. greeks have persevered through worst time. i just hope that we can regain some confidence in ourselves bc it is important to remember that entrepreneurism and innovation is bred most from the necessity for survival.

we need to recapture the nationalism, pride and willpower that helped the nation and people flourish in the past during comparable hard times.

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This is the time Greece needs foreign investments more than ever to survive.

However personal interest has always been the primary motivation for political decisions.

Here is another sad example of the "me first" attitude that has brought our country to this state.

Can anyone at this point doubt what interests are behind this? ... :blink:


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