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A semi-reliable Turkish sports website, sporx.com, has today published some news about Panathinaikos signing Ronaldinho from Flamengo!!

Ronaldinho? To Where?

The article's in Turkish but to sum it up short, it says new PAO owner-to be Al-Saud has declared through his spokesperson, a guy called Vasilios Tsakas (never heard of him tbh), that he will bring Ronaldinho to PAO and Dinho will be his present for the "loving fans" of this great club.

It's also stated that the club is looking to bring back Djibril Cisse and finish the signature of rising Xanthi star Panayiotis Vlachodimos before January.

It's rumoured all three signing will be unveiled by January 1, 2012.

Also the in the link, Ronaldinho is quoted saying "I've always loved this country (Greece). It will be a delightful experience to play there."

Any truth? I do not know... :o

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I know PAO needs a new owner, but I don't see the Saudi connection as a good one. First, and above all, I don't prefer a foreigner and more so someone from a culture that's so ..foreign. The attitude: "I have lots of $$ and I can buy anything I want" is wrong.

He may be another ..playboy like Tzigger, who was given a team to play with.

I don't want to say more, because I don't want to be negative before the new owner takes over, but I'm very suspicious of a Saudi taking over a historic team like ours.

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It's nice to have great players in Greece, but I'm not sure this is a good move for PAO.

Roni will probably get as much as the rest of the players get combined, and that's a huge salary disparity that it's not good for any organization.

I also think the team is on a good track, is playing well, and everybody seems to be giving 100% (unlike what we've seen in the past with bigger budget and more expensive players). I don't want to upset this.

I don't know if Roni can make such a difference now.

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I haven't seen Ronaldinho for a couple of years now.

Does he still have it?

He's not what he was but would still be superb in Greece. He has it in the way Rivaldo had it before going to Olymp. One key difference is that Ribo kept himself in great shape, this guy loves the "Bouzoukia" too much so he might decline further if he comes to Greece. if he carries on at the level he's at now though he'll be a super star in Greece
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Funny. We've seen Roni's agent but not the person who's interested in buying the team yet.

What kind of owner does he think he'll be?

As it is, the club has money until February, so instead of being distracted with big-name transfers, they should get somebody in Greece to buy and save the team.

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