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Anderlecht - AEK

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There's Genome in the stands!!! :)

He's crying his eyes out! :(

You got that right ... second year in a row too ...

It's good for the season to finally kick off for us so we can get some rhythm. Let's hope the ItaloFrenchSwiss invest their money and the players get paid, which will obviously help out as well.

The three official games I've seen so far were awful. Not a fan of Konstantopoulos but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and some time... But I don't understand why Arabatzis isn't used more.

Dellas was a friggin' robot out there. I understand as an aged player he needs more time at the start of the season to get into it again, and I have HUGE respect for Dellas, but Jimenez should've put someone else on this game!

Karabellas wasn't much better but I guess may have been drawn out of position due to Dellas not doing too much the whole time.

Manolas and Georgeas ok.

Midfield I can't comment too much on yet.

Gudjohnsen and Lybe, I guess the same story as with Dellas, older player, needs more games under his feet to find form I suppose.

Leonardo stood out for me.

Belleck should've been brought on earlier, same with Sialmas, same with Jose Carlos.

Time to look forward and improve ... fast!

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to be honest, i expected aek to lose, but not by this much. i expected you guys to put alot more effort in..lots of issues i believe, including some strange tactics lead to the loss. although its not an excuse, having not played in the championship yet this year has been a loss for aek. teams like aek strive off of MOMENTUM. without it, it is difficult for a team with a roster like aeks to challenge against very good european teams. anderlecht i believe looked like a very solid team and scored some wonderful goals. they are not unbeatable, but a solid squad. with acouple games under their feet and some wins, i believe aeks showing would have been alot better. maybe still not a win, but at least a challenge.

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