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guys!!! come on, european championship, why do we neglect the bball so much!!

i missed the first win vs bosnia by 9 points but was able to watch the game yesterday vs finland (81-61)...

with players like spanouli and diamantidis out, we will need a super team effort to win the trophy...but, if anyone can do it, we can :gr: :gr:

we play macedonia on 3/9, montenegro on 4/9 and the biggest test of the group stage, croatia on 5/9

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That stupid loss to FYROM and the point difference is something that we unfortunatelly carry with us to the next round group ... and in case of equal points can mean they will have advantage ...

we need to do very well against Slovenia now to have our fate in our hands and regain momentum...

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FIBA clearly needs to re-check and revise the draw and seeding system for EuroBasket competitions after this competition. :nono:

Simply, 24 teams for a continental championship is too much, when this continent has 9-10 good and/or great teams.

Also, having gathered hosts and third-placed in the World Cup last year Lithuania, World runners-up Turkey, defending European champions Spain, European runners-up Serbia, a consistent 4th-6th finisher France and Germany in the same pot while organising a Balkan championship in the other pot, FIBA clearly did not do a very good job in terms of drawing the 6+6 groups for the 1st and 2nd rounds. :o

It's a no-brainer to say that the 4th placed team in Group E will be the favourites of the quarter final clash with the winners of Group F... Can you imagine Serbia v Slovenia or Turkey v Makedonia?? :blink:

And unless Greece are on their 120 % day in their qtr-final match whoever they play against, all the qualifying teams from Group E will advance to the semis dead easy... <_<

This draw has been superbly mean to Group E (Group A & B) teams..

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The team is weaker because many players are missing.

No, but I CAN imagine Turkey v. FYROM :rolleyes: (Kill them!)

Is that all you get out from the whole message?? :P :not:

Does anybody seriously know why Bo McCalebb is playing for them? As far as I know, he's never played in their basketball league, right?? :huh:

Without him, they won't fare any better than Finland or Poland..

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This is surreal!!

Macedonians have eliminated the host nation in the quarter finals after a great team effort!!

A 7-man rotation is in the semi finals of EuroBasket.. That could be happening for the very first time!!

Bo McCalebb :nw: :nw: :nw:

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