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AEK - Dinamo Tbilisi

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Dinamo Tbili got to the Europa League's playoff round by defeating:

Milsami-Ursidos (Moldova) 2-0, 3-1

Llanelli (Wales) 1-2, 5-0

KR (Iceland) 4-1,2-0

They lost to Llanelli??? :huh:

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Well, our first official game of the season begins this Thursday and not sure what to expect. I hope we can get a good score in the first leg!!!

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Your stream link was an answer to prayer, Genome!

How have we played so far?

Well I may only have seen five minutes more than you I guess :D ...

Fine so far, not too impressive, Gudjohnnsen looks like he should run more at times :D ...

Belleck seems like the speedy player I've been hoping for ever since Ramos left ...even though he plays in a completely different position.

We look more convincing around the opposing box than last year, as far as one can judge that from watching twenty minutes of one game. Last pass/cross is awful so far.

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