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Oly Volou in the Europa League


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I thought Volos was relegated and that UEAFA would kick them out. This is weird. If a team was caught cheating (yes, the owner, etc) that gave it an advantage over other teams, then why is it allowed to continue? It now has financial benefits from playing in europe. no?

Oly Volou have an ongoing appeal with EPO.

UEFA will wait and see what EPO does and then will follow suit.

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I've suggested it before, if a team is caught cheating, it should be removed as if it didn't exist. The team that's a runner up should take its place. PLUS, all the money the cheaters made, say, by playing in the Europa league.

Point-wise, it doesn't matter how many teams you've got in Europe for UEFA's standings, but the progress. In other words, it's better to have 1 team that goes to the semis, instead of 6 that don't make the first round. Points are divided by the number of teams from a particular country.

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I dont think they are and i personally believe that that's unacceptable. UEFA being arseholes again. Greek football is essentially getting punished for taking positive action.

Agreed. A team that should've made it instead of this cheating Olympiakos Volou, is now being punished, together with Greek football as a whole which now has one representative less.
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Today, UEFA rejected Volos' appeal and their ban stands. Good. But, the team they beat twice is going through. I do understand that Greece's losing out, but what do you do at this late stage?

You can't send another Greek team past the one Volos played. Can they? If any of out teams lost, say to another team that was eventually thrown out, then we'd expect OUR team to be going through, not some other one....

I don't think they can replay this round with new teams. I more angry at the Greek side (EPO, etc) that they're f@ked up.

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Greek super league should have banned Volou before Uefa and sent another rep in Volou shoes . Any Greek team would have beaten the opponents that Volou played, But that is Greek style. Make a Muck over everything. :box:


Plus, they should've sorted the playoffs well before they did, finished any appeals well before they did and resigned in disgrace! :tdown:

Instead, we have Doxa fielding 5-6 players in a vital competitive game, AEK and Olympiakos Piraeus not having the foggiest idea which of six clubs they will be facing on opening day and a Greek club being thrown out of Europe in favour of... Differdange! :tdown:

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