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PAO got lucky to beat gavro early on, because until a few weeks ago, our team was hurting badly.


I'm happy we won another title, but I'd like to see lesser teams win the cup too. It shouldn't be PAO, Oly 99.99% of the time.  If it weren't for these two teams playing very competitive games in Euroleague, basketball would be awful like football is in Greece.


They need to make the league competitive, and open all sports to all fans. Bring back the good fans and throw out the hooligans. Why shouldn't PAO and gavroi fans watch a game together? Are Greeks too immature and brutish that can't co-exist?

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Well done to our boy Papa getting drafted number 13 by the Suns, then traded to Sacremento. Kings now have two the Greek twin towers in Papa and Koufos. I don't know if he will go straight over to NBA, or stay at Pana, but good luck to the lad.

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Eurohoops saying PAO are close to getting Bourousis. Would be a massive signing after the season he just had in Spain, probably the best big man in Europe last year. He's always been a player I liked too, even thou he used to play for you know who.

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