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Suggestion for new forum look


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I was thinking of a way that might be nice to see the whole Greek Soccer Forum.

Have posts in lists. For example


By clicking on any of these headings you could be able to reorganize what time of thread you want, but more importantly you can simply see all the action instead of navigating. Unfortunately the forum is slowing down and I would like to see more action here. I am no expert and maybe this suggestion is silly or not possible.

Just my 2 cents worth

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Do you know what GLB is?

They have a nice section of how their forums are run.


Or yahoo Fantasy baseball forum. THere are options to find similar threads before you post yours.

Similar to the posts since the last visit and a good search option.

I just find it silly to have a discussion on Olympiakos-AEK in the Olympiakos forum and the same one in the AEK forum

If you go to the main FAQ section you will see what I mean.

I like the threads here. Just a thought.

Maybe silly

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