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7 hours ago, ThrylosG7 said:

I dont want the club buying Greeks just because they are Greek they have to be quality and be in a position to offer something to the team not just ride the bench and play in the odd cup game. Vellios is s%$#! - the Iranian is not far behind....no where near the level that we should be looking at. So what if he plays for the Iranian NT - the guy at the peak of his career moved from Spain to Greece.  

Yeah i agree with that aswell. But we need Greeks in Olympiakos and I'm glad I'm seeing players like Androutsos and Manthatis getting chances. Also Retsos. But I think Marinakis wants to see them play. 

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ThrylosG7 slap yourself.

Considering Marinakis knew this season was off from Championsleague, Id rather we had spent 1/10th of our budget this season and instead of Cardozo,Marin, we failed this season with a lineup like this:

- - - - - -Vellios/Ideye- - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - -Fortounis/Dominguez - - - - - - 

- -Seba/Elyounoussi - - Manthatis/Pardo

-Bouchalakis/Martins- -Milivojevic-

Retsos - Vouros - Botia - Elabdellaoui

- - - - - - - - - Kapino -  - - - - - - - - - - - -

Team including Leali,Cambiasso, Laifis, Goutas also not being loaned to other teams.Maniatis also at least training with the team and being a limited-time back up. He has been good with the team, I dont understand why the team is not behaving equally good to him now.

And now you ll come and tell me that "this team you re postingdefinately isnt going to have any chance to achieve anything.

And I have no other chance but to answer you. You my friend, are wrong. This team can as well lose to Larissa. The team I posted can as well lose twice to Apoel. This team can also be disqualified from Hapoel Beer Sheva. I see no reason why we needed extra players to do that. Please enlighten me.


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this season was not an 'off champions league season' !!!


It only became an 'off champions league season' due to poor planning and poor transfers...

As the highest seeded team in the 'Champions route' Marinakis could have confidently believed this would be a a champions league season..


the signing of Cardozo was last minute panic buying..Another example of poor planning...and poor transfers..This was not a signing to improve the team..But a rich Greek owner wanting to be seen as appeasing the fans with an expensive transfer...(Berbatov, Ledesma style signing)...straight out of the Greek cowboy president handbook!!   Greek Mafiozo Chapter 1.

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11 hours ago, ThrylosG7 said:

There is no anti Greek bias - when your good or you put in 100% ..your respected when your not they dont respect you . They loved Stelios in England - I remember the commentators used to rave on about him all the time - because he went there and was a perfect professional - its what they expect from players.

Giannakopoulos was a champion.  If only we had more like him.

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Most of us agreed that Nottingham Forest was a poor choice for Vellios. The club is on a downward slide. Might get relegated. Then what happens to Vellios?

He was being pursued by Mainz in the Bundesliga and AEK who might play European football in the near future whereas Forest will be in the English 3rd division.

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All mistery around vellios. no one knows what he has or why he isnt in the squad. this article says that he said on twitter that he isnt injured or is leaving Forest. yesterday again he wasnt in the squad and forest lost with 2-0 against Leeds. the fans are asking for him.


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Vellios Returns to Top-Tier Football

Great great international footballer Apostolos Vellios is now on loan from Nottingham Forest. In the current season he will play for Waashaal-Beveren, an unglamorous Belgian team that competes in the first league in Belgium. (In the end he will get a call-up sooner than wretched Tachtsidis!)

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  • Dutch Eagle changed the title to Apostolos Vellios ‒ Pec Zwolle
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