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we take on larissa at home this saturday...larissa have been looking much better in the last couple match days than in the beginning of the season and will look to continue their streak...

boumsong, leto and ninis are still out...this is beginning to piss me off...ninis had a muscle strain and has been out for over 20 days...what exactly is our giatriko team doing? the same goes with leto...when he got injured they said it wasnt serious..wasnt serious?? hes been out for a month!! these two players are crucial to the squad and the news continues to be "atomiko programma" day after day...i feel as though there is something they are not telling us about their injuries...its impossible that a 21 year old kid is out for a month with a first degree muscle pull..his body cant be THAT weak..last week didnt the reports tell us they would start training regularly at the beginning of this week??

spyropoulo is slightly injured as well...if he trains tomorrow he will play on saturday, if not we will be missing him too..marinos will probably push right and vyntra on the left with kante-kats in the middle...

this is the first time i will say this, but i hope gilberto does not start..its time to freshen up our midfield, the man needs a rest...

more reports on the starting 11 within the next couple days...

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spyropoulos trained fully today and will be at nioplias' disposal for the match...

apparently boumsong is almost ready to play again...i dont get how it took him 10 days to get over a pull and it is taking ninis a month...

people have been saying that ninis and leto have not been playing bc we are thinking of selling them in the winter...i hope these reports are not true but it somehow to me makes sense...either this is the case, or boumsong is in alot better condition than both of them...

apparently silva will be rested and kara will come and take his place next to simao...

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i think its BS to think we would even consider selling leto and ninis in the winter

who would buy them in the winter transfer period if they have been injured this season for so long? it would only devalue them

regarding ninis, i honestly think this kid has not progressed physically as he should have and he will be injury prone like this. i think this aspect of his game/fitness will slow down his career progression

thats just the way it seems to me

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Nioplias is so unbeleivably stupid.....

Luis Garcia on, for Lazaros???

Karagkounis stays on, despite not making runs, and complaining every 5 mins/ already had a yellow????? Lazaros is our BEST midfielder at the moment without question. Without him we wouldnt have 6 points in the last 2 games...no question. And we needed to score, we take him OFF!??!?! For LUIS GARCIA????!

also putting Petropoulos on at half was pretty stupid, as the guy cannot contribute anything at all. The books need to close on him because really, his development is finished at PAO it seems. Govou was bad, but still did more and better to have out there than Petropoulos....

Watching this game, we are a team full of mostly old, some washed up players, plus Djibril, Lazaros who are great.....The old players need to go

Gilberto does not need to be on the team another season

Karagkounis should stay, but why can't we have a coach that will put him in the role he should have -------- BACK UP, SUBSTITUTE. He can still contribute in 30-45 minute increments and fill in. Past that hes not a 90 minute player in any respect

Govou isnt much of a player anymore it seems. We really do miss Salpiggidis, we should replace Govou.

Luis Garcia is really not a special player. Hes OK. Hes a backup, but seriously we could have found much better backups in Greece. I really hate when people talk about Liverpool. I dont care what team he played for, it doesnt matter because he SUCKS now.

Spyropoulos is not a 11 quality player, he should be a backup at this club, not our starting option...

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I agree with Drakos.

I'm pissed off because we waisted a golden opportunity to be ontop of the league and put the pressure on gavroi. Actually, we didn't deserve to win with this terrible performance but playing Larissa at home should have been an easy 3 points.

I hope that Nioblias is fired now. The team needs a good manager and and a shakeup. Noblias had many chances to leave his mark and turn this roster into a great team. Let's not forget, this multi-million dollar team can't put away much lesser Greek teams. :angry:

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Drakos and Athinaios I agree; I didn't see this game but Nioblias just lacks experience and needs to go. I would really like to get a proven, reputable coach who will stay w/ us for at least several seasons though. And I wouldn't say Garcia sucks, he can contribute. Petro never found his place on the team. We definitely need another forward now. We don't have a regular goal-scorer besides Cisse!

There are still lots of good players on the team and in terms of quality we're in a much better place now than we were several years back. So its not a catastrophe by any stretch.

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I agree, we do have a better team roster but they're not producing. It's not a catastrophe yet, because despite our terrible string of performances, we managed to beat our main competitor. Take 3 points away from us and give it to gavroi, and it's clear that it could have been catastrophic.

Noplias was the thing we needed last year but he doesn't have the experience and/or he can't steer the team. Maybe in 10 years he'll be a great coach, but, as you said, we need to get one that is of a known quality.

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cut his contract..or fine him 100,000 and see if the new coach will change his attitude..maybe a coach with some balls will have a good effect on him...

this kind of crap shouldnt be tolerated...use the money and buy scocco!

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