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They have started to put seets on the big stand and have put some grass on the pitch. I am really glad that each side has a stand, many greek teams build 3 stands and leave out the 4th like Xanthi or leave out a section like Panionios.

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I'm happy to see this. Greek teams need more stadia like that. Capacity is good too--if they can fill it close to capacity during SL games, great! They don't need more than that for the occasional bigger game (and big teams fans can't travel nowadays anyway). Better to have a smaller filled stadium than a half-filled bigger one.

I just hope hooligans don't destroy it. :angry:

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Though I'm not Reaper I can tell you that the stadium is used properly. Last month for the UEFA U-19 Championship.

And your AEL uses it again as they will be tenants again after a short spell.

BTW good to have you on this forum!!!

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Oh yes sorry Dutch Eagle, my mistake buddy. And thanks for the info on the stadium. Ive seen a couple clips on AEL and they have been in the new stadium which is encouraging. Good to be here chewing the fat with you guys.

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I took a walk around the stadiums in Larissa a few years back while visiting a cousin who was attending the panepisthmio there. Nice town, krima that such a nice place was essentially unused. Even reading the reasons for the dispute on here and in the gs.com forums (and on wiki!) I still don't really get what's going on.

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